Chương trình truyền hình Nhật ký ma cà rồng Sadder ending for an episode?Bonus Question:did bạn tear up at any of these?

Pick one:
"You're Undead to Me"-Zack dies
"Lost Girls"-Elena tells Stefan that he can't be with him
"Haunted"-Vicky dies,Jeremy is devastated
"162 Candles"-Lexi dies,Stefan and Damon fight,Stefan pushes Elena away
"History Repeating"-Damon is torn apart, Stefan tells Elena he will leave town
"Bloodlines"-Elena finds out about her adoption and the accident
"Children of the Damned"-Damon was betrayed bởi Stefan and Elena once again
"Fool Me Once"-Damon finds out that Katherine wasn't in the tomb, Grams dies
"Let the Right One In"-They all finds out that Vicky is dead
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