If I'm đọc the sings correctly, creators of TVD are leading Stefan& Caroline toward a romantic relationship. And I'm not sure if I like it. If you'd tell me two years cách đây I'll say something like that I'd think you're crazy. Steroline are perfection! I'm a total sucker for coupels based on friendship, with a long build up...(That's why I tình yêu DE in the first place:D) But...
I've shopping Stefan & Caroline since 2x02. During whole seaon 2 theye had amazing relation. Vunerable girl with big self-esteem problems became strong fighter with big Stefan's help. He, on the other hand, was fun with her! He wasn't thes gloomy, obsessivly-protective guy he was while being with Elena. With Caroline he was able to laugh, have fun, he didn't have to desperately try so hard anymore. I really loved their friendship & I was hoping for something thêm one day, but later season 3 happned.
In S3 they bearly had scenes together. Caroline switched from Matt to Tyler meanwhile, at the end of S3 Klus showed sudden & unexplainable interest in her & there was no place for her friendship with Stefan. I though - ok, writers let it go, therie close relation is over.
And than season 4 started - like season 3 never happend. After basically not talking to each other they became total bffs. I didn't know if I was happier to see them sharing screen again hoặc pissed becasue their friendship was a manipulation - it wasn't a natural development thgough while series, it just was written-in whenever JP wanted it. But still, I was happy. And somewhere in the seconf half of S4 we were hinted that there might be something more. Their cute dance with Stefan caring Care over his shoulder, than another dacne with Care saying Stefan will fall for someone else without ever relizeing it & eventually Lexi's "She's cute"... We can imagine where it's heading....And for me it shouldn't be this way!
Fist of al,, Stefan after having a threesome with Kat & Damon, and than being constantly insecure about Elena's feelings for Damon deserves to be "the one". He could have an adorable, happy relationship with his best friend, if he was trully "the one" for her - it would be perfect.
But when it comes to Caroline, writes made thing really messy. We are still told how much she loves Tyler, that he's the tình yêu of her life. Still she has something with Klaus - she has him wrapped aroung his finger & she's not afraid to take adventage of that. (The scene when she came for a new dress to "look really hot"... Come on! It was cute, yes, it was. And I know there are tons of jokes about mothers-in-law, but this was the biggest joke ever - making sweet eyes to the murderer of your technically mother-in-law? The only family the "love of your life" had left? Caroline?! Did the writers even read what they scripted?!)
So Stefan would now became another guy standing a line for Caroline, who already supposly found true tình yêu & is flirting with someone elese meanwhile. For me - just NO.
If writers clear all those thing first, give them both enough time to let go of Elena & Tyler, stay constant with nghề viết văn Steroline relationship, maybe I'll be happy to see them together one day, as I would be if Stefan dumped Elena for CAre at the end of S2;)
But right now I think it's a total fanservice, lack of good ideas for relations between characters & beggings for viewers. I might have been good 23 years ago. It may be good in the far future. But right now - I believe it's wrong.