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Elena took a deep breath and started running down the hill. However, the cỏ on the đồi núi, hill started growing really fast and pushed Elena back. Elena angry pushed the cỏ away and came halfway the hill.
Then the earth started shaking and Elena rolled down.
The road that led to the open field cracked open and Elena’s feet got stuck in one of the cracks.
“Ha, damn it!” she cursed and she pulled her leg, but she couldn’t di chuyển it. The crack grew bigger and soon she fell in a whole. A deep one.
She looked up and saw how the crack slowly closed again.
Elena grabbed the tường which was raw and cut her hands open, but she didn’t care. With a fierce determination she climbed up and out of the crack. She crawled away from the crack, dodged the other cracks and reached the open field.
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10. Nina Dobrev
This “Degrassi” alum is capable as sullen teen Elena and really shines when playing the vicious bloodsucker Katherine. We tình yêu her in period garb, wickedly teasing and taunting the Salvatore brothers.

9. Branching Out From the Books
One of our big concerns at the outset of the TV series was the limited scope of the sách it was based on, especially since the pilot covered much of the ground from the novels. But subsequent episodes have been anything but thin.

8. Plenty of Fanged Foes
When the hiển thị kicked off, it featured just two vamps: one good, one bad. But as the first season...
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