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posted by epicly_epic01
Do bạn think that Suzanne Collins should make a 6th Gregor book? She has plenty of room to pick up on. She should just say that he is needed down in the underland because virus hoặc howard hoặc luxa was kidnapped bởi the cutters hoặc diggers and they need Gregor to go get them. I personally think she should, I tình yêu the Gregor series and I would be devastated if I wold have to put it down. She must... MUST !!!!!!! Gregor is mees precioussssss.... So write the first chapter of a good 6th book to my e-mail ( hoặc leave it in các bình luận hoặc someway just do. PS. The nerds shall prevail!
I tình yêu The Underland Chronicles with all my tim, trái tim
and if bạn have not read all of them hoặc not at all
bạn should .its on my mind and tim, trái tim every một giây of the day.and i know what some of u r thinking this girl is crazy and corny!!! but i really do not care and u think.u will feel the same way if u read all the is so amazing it can't be put ito words. but i do not want to say to much just incase some of u have not read all 5 sách but i wish there were more.well i hope all of u enjoy The Underland Chronicles as much as i did hoặc thêm
p.s thats not possible
posted by DanEricIverson
I hope FanPop approves of this content, which it's not like kids don't hear this language in their life anyway...
A parody of "Fuck the Police" bởi NWA...

Right about now GWA court is in full effect.
Judge Bane presiding in the case of GWA versus the police department.
Prosecuting attourneys are MC Reekwell, Gush Gore, and Twirly muthafuckin T(ongue).Order order order. Gush Gore take the muthafuckin stand.Do bạn swear to tell the truth the whole truthand nothin but the truth so help your peachy tail?
You G-d damn right
All right so tell us what the fuck bạn gotta say.
Fuck tha humans comin straight...
continue reading...
posted by bigboys1199
BEST BOOK SERIES EVER WRITTEN, IVE READ HUNDREDS OF sách AND THESE ARE THE BEST! WHEN I FIRST HEARD OF THIS BOOK IT WAS MENTIONED bởi A FRIEND, so i looked it up, and it sounded ~allright~ well, i ended up đọc the first one. I wasnt able to put it down. Then i finished them all off. These are an awsome book series (the best) bạn will tình yêu it! i just hope collins makes anouther! she has to!