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 One of the many The Simpsons Movie posters.
One of the many The Simpsons Movie posters.
We've waited for it for so long. Every person's dream for the Simpsons to have their very own movie. The Simpsons Movie might even be a start for other được ưa chuộng tv shows to get their own movie as well. Most of us have seen it and loved it. But what about those who didn't?

Did bạn like it? If not, what was it that made it torture to watch it? Was it something about the storyline? How it was animated? I want to know.

If bạn read this article, tell me what bạn loved about it, what bạn hated about it. Did some of your yêu thích characters not get enough screen time? Tell me everything bạn thought about...
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