The Simpsons is a được ưa chuộng animated hiển thị that has lasted for a few decades. This review is about wether hoặc not the hiển thị is worth checking out.

The Plot:

The hiển thị is about the Simpsons who are a eccentric family. The members include Homer Simpson the immature husband, Marge the reasonable wife, Lisa the voice of reason, Bart the troublemaker, and Maggie the baby. Throughout the hiển thị antics happen.

The episodes that ngôi sao Homer Simpson tend to be the best episodes. They are often entertaining and funny. The episodes about his family are not that good. Although the episodes starring Homer's family are not awful they are not that entertaining. In other words the episodes focused on Homer work and the episodes that focus on his family are bland,

The Characters:

Homer Simpson is the show's big stand out character of the family. He is a enjoyably silly character. The other stand out character is Homer's boss Mr. Burns who is a cool villain. The other characters are not that good. The hiển thị has the same problem that The Jetsons has. Both The Simpsons and The Jetsons have a fun dad and a fun boss, but boring wife and kids.

The Animation:

The show's phim hoạt hình is good. Homer, Mr. Burns, and some of the other characters are unique and cool looking.


I think that the episodes that ngôi sao Homer and Mr. Burns are worth watching. The other episodes I don't care about.