ok so i went to abcfamily.com and guess what SECRET LIFE IS COMING BACK JUNE 7 !!!!! ok so here is what the abcfamily bài viết đã đưa ý kiến ......................

Yes, after months of wondering, we finally have an answer. Amy Juergens, Ricky Underwood, and everyone else from "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" will be back on ABC Family at 8/7c on Monday, June 7.

Stay tuned here at abcfamily.com, where we'll be getting bạn back up to speed with a countdown well before the hiển thị returns. And bạn can start your own countdown right now, since all the episodes are available in our free episode player. Have a look!

JUNE 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't wait can u ?????

I <3 secret life

DON'T FORGET JUNE 7TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!