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 the outsiders: imagine
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“You ok?” Y/N asks, grabbing my hand.

I was shaking. “I don’t know…
I’m about to tell my family I’m having a baby and I’m only 14.”

She laughs, a little bit nervously. “You’re not having the baby, I am.”

“Pretty much the same thing.” I grumble.

“No bạn aren’t going to push a dưa hấu out-”

“Ok! Ok! It’s totally different!” I say, wanting to spare the details.

“Well, bạn just happened to be the one who stuck his-“

I give her a look. “Ok! I get it!”

She snickers. “Just trying to prove a point.”

“I have gotten your point.” I grin. But it...
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“You can see the stars a lt clearer out here, can’t ya?” He mutters as he settles down in the sand.

“Away from all the noise… The lights.” bạn say, sitting down tiếp theo to him.

He lays back, head on his hands. “Sure are a lot.”

“Yeah.” bạn say, laying down tiếp theo to him.

“My mom… Before she… bạn know… Started drinking,” he almost chuckles, giving off a small hint of a smile. “She told me something about stars.”

“What was it?” bạn smile.

He turns to you, grinning. “It’s real stupid.”

“Tell me, I want to know!” bạn giggle.

“You sure? It’s really dumb.”...
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Ugh. Trudging through the snow and cold trang chủ from a long ngày at work at the DX was not exactly what bạn had in mind for a Tuesday night, but whatever.

But then bạn stopped. The streetlights shone on the snow just right, making it glow and sparkle. It was pretty. The sky was so black, filled with stars. It was a good night.

And all of a sudden bạn found yourself on the ground.

“Oh my god I’m really sorry.” The boy who had knocked bạn down said, taking your hand and pulling bạn up. He looked familiar. He was Soda and Steve’s friend… The witty troublemaker. He was really cute.

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I’m smiling again.

There they are. Y/N, Danny and I are sitting on the đi văng all together, watching football.

“Daddy, my yêu thích team is the Bears.” Danny smiles.

“The Bears?” I ask. “Why? They’re all the way in Chicago, bud.”

“Because,” he rolls his eyes. “They’re bears. Bears are tough.”

“Why don’t bạn like the Cowboys, like the rest of us do?” Y/N asks Danny.

“Because if a cowboy and a chịu, gấu got into a fight, who would win?” He asks. I chuckle at his little kid logic. “Obviously the chịu, gấu would win.”

“What makes bạn think that?”

“Trust me, daddy. Bears...
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bạn felt his hand hand on your knee.

“Babe, I’m trying to watch some Mickey Mouse.” bạn say, slightly annoyed.

He leans in, and whispers in your ear, “Are bạn nervous yet?”

You knew this game, and bạn weren’t going to give in.

So bạn didn’t answer, and just stared at the TV.

He inches his hand up a little. “How bout now?”

You just ignore him.

Another few inches. “Are bạn nervous yet ?” He was right starting to reach your thigh.

You change the channel just to hiển thị bạn aren’t phased at all.

His hands goes up a little more. “Are bạn nervous yet?”

Still no response from you.

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C'mon Madi!" Your best friend Two-bit let go of your hand as he tried to get closer to the entrance of the carnival. "Two-bit!" bạn try to scan the area around bạn to find him as bạn feel someone cover your eyes. "Guess who!" bạn hear that familiar voice say from behind you. "What the hell?" bạn ask fake pouting. "Aww come on cutie. bạn know I'm just teasin' ya." He gives bạn a one-armed hug. "I know." bạn smile. "Let's go!" bạn guys push through people to get to the front. Once bạn get your tickets bạn head straight for a baseball throwing stand. "I'm gonna get bạn that gigantic Mickey right...
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Your friend invited bạn to a party but bạn weren't sure if bạn should go since bạn probably weren't gonna know anyone there. bạn walk in and the âm nhạc is as high as it can go, blocking out any other noise. It's dark and there's barely any light. bạn stumble on something and someone catches bạn before bạn hit the ground.You mysterious hero says " xin chào bạn ok?" bạn say slightly embarrassed "Yeah, Um thanks"😊☺ He walks bạn to a room where there is light and bạn can actually see his face and he can see yours. He had beautiful dark brown hair. He had this amazing smile that bạn could stare at...
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“Mommy, what are we doing?” Johnny asks.

“We’re going to go see…someone.” bạn say, not knowing what to call him at this point.

“Will I like them?” Johnny tugs on your arm.

You pause for a second. “Yeah.” bạn finally answer. “You would’ve loved him.”

“Well that’s good.” He nods.

How little he knew how much this was killing you.

“So mommy, why are we at the cemetery? It’s spooky.”

“I told bạn we’re going to go see someone.” bạn say, making your way to his headstone.

“Oh,” Johnny whispers, realizing from your tone bạn didn’t want any annoyance.

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