The Office What is the smartest thing Michael has ever said?

Pick one:
"Never, ever, ever give up." ~ Booze Cruise
"Keep it simple, Stupid." ~ The Initiation
"Starbucks. Oh man, that place is like the promised land!" ~ Hot Girl
"I’m an early bird and a night owl. So I’m wise and I have worms." ~ O.O.
"You can tình yêu a boss like bạn tình yêu a father." ~ The Carpet
"I tình yêu inside jokes. I'd like to be a part of one some day." ~ The Convention
What is tình yêu anyway? Maybe it's supposed to break all the rules... When two peopl
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"It takes a big man to admit his mistakes..." - The Return
My tim, trái tim soars with the eagle. Let the bells of Dunder Mifflin chime out your lov
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Don&# 39; t be an idiot
Don't be an idiot
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