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 I just tình yêu that grin, don't you?
I just love that grin, don't you?
So, I made loads of picks to decide your favourite The Mentalist character, and I've decided to hiển thị the results in a countdown!

5: Wayne Rigsby
Coming in at number five, is the adorable Rigsby! Completely in tình yêu with Grace, he finally gets the girl in Red Scare. I wasn't expecting him to come out so soon, but bạn voted him out, and it's your sự bỏ phiếu that count!

4: Teresa Lisbon
In at number 4 is CBI's boss, Lisbon! This poor lady had a very troubled childhood, but has made a good reputation for herself, that Jane often seems to put in jeopardy. Number 4, Lisbon!

3: Grace van Pelt
Just missing out on the final round, van Pelt! Grace is the rookie of the team, but manages to prove her value to the team again and again. Third place goes to this superstitious sweetie!

2: Kimball Cho
một giây place goes to former Avon Park Playboys gang member Cho! When we were first introduced to his character, I thought he was a boring nobody, but I'm glad I stuck through, I adore him, he just needed time to develop (Bert and Ernie ;D). bạn must agree with me, as everyone ensured he came second.

1: Patrick Jane
And your number one is......................
Patrick Jane!
I'm not surprised at all that Jane is number one, I think everyone thought so! I would like to say that there was some competition in the final round, but I'd be lying. This cheeky chappy won bởi a massive 100% (poor Cho)! He has gone through so much with Red John, so I'm glad to see he's number 1. Congratulations, the gorgeous man that is Jane!!!
 Your countdown of The Mentalist characters!
Your countdown of The Mentalist characters!
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