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The Lion Guard make any sense?

1. Kion never appeared in The Lion King 2

2. Kiara is a cub rather than adult

3. Simba is funky looking

4. That honey người bán rong, kẻ xấu, badger is annoying

5. The Lion Guard will confused the youngsters bởi Kion's appearance when he never appeared in TLK 2

6. The hiển thị should be about Kiara and Kovu called The Lion King: Kiara's Adventures

7. This Kion character is like a resemblance of Kopa which Kopa những người hâm mộ believe Kopa was a official character when he's a profit fanfiction, so I assume Disney came up with this spin-off hiển thị to shut the Kopa những người hâm mộ up

What do bạn feel about TLG?
 The Lion Guard make any sense?
 boytoy_84 posted hơn một năm qua
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glelsey said:
Well, I'm not sure if points 3 and 4 contribute to the hiển thị not making sense, but I do kind of agree with them. XD

I think the main reasons it feels so fanfiction-like is due to what they've done with Kiara. Obviously, her being a cub and suddenly having a brother that was never mentioned before is weird anyway, but also the fact that her personality in this hiển thị is pretty much the polar opposite of what she was like as a cub in her movie.

I think they changed her personality so that she would contrast with Kion, who is the thêm carefree and irresponsible one in this series, but I think they should have made Kiara the main character and not được trao her any siblings. Gender-neutral cartoon shows almost always have a male protagonist, so that's likely why they threw in Kion, but tbh it feels like a sell-out to me when they already had a character in the franchise with the personality type they wanted for the lead character.

To me, the series would have made thêm sense if Simba, noticing Kiara's adventurous and energetic side as a cub, decided he'd better start teaching her how to be responsible so that she'd be ready to be Queen when she was older, and gave her the task of creating and running the Lion Guard, hoặc some other organisation. Basically the same idea for the show, but without trying too hard to make a boy the central character and without turning an existent character into her polar opposite.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
RealWMS said:
NO!why?because Kiara is in the out lands f****** Kovu
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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