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posted by deedragongirl
 an toàn, két an toàn & Sound
Safe & Sound
Hi guys, I'm currently at the end of the first book. So here is my review on the first book before I watch the movie later on.


I was very impressed with the story, despite that it was complex. Well that's because I need to watch the movie to follow the story! I just couldn't get enough of the plot and I have personally say the series is even better than the awful Twilight Saga.

The Characters

Katniss and Peeta are the two characters who are better than Edward and Bella, they have thêm chemistry than Edward and Bella and I just can't understand why people tend to compare these couples.
Their relationship is not rush like Edward and Bella, as the story progresses. Their relationship turns to friendship and as a team. This is actually one of the thing that I was hoping for before đọc the book and I'm glad that Suzanne did not follow the same style as Stephenie Meyer, hoặc that the latter did not write the book at all and include both ma cà rồng and ma sói in it!


Although the story is short and simple, I would recommend bạn all to read before watching the movie. Especially for a newcomer like myself!
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Its the unoffcial cast of the hunger games and they're theme songs
hungre games
deveigh chase
Alex Pettyfer
người hâm mộ made
unoffcial cast
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Thresh thông tin các nhân page

Name: Thresh.

Age: Eighteen.

Home: Eleven.

Current location: Home.

Interested in: Nothing.

In a relationship: No.


WALL tường tường tường tường tường tường tường WALL

President Snow The Sexy Rooster: 18th March 14:26PM

That's it? A single word for every câu hỏi in your profile? Spice it up a little! Have longer answers! Make it interesting for the readers!

Thresh: 18th March 14:28PM


President Snow The Sexy Rooster: 18th March 14:29PM

…or not. Whatever. Stay cool.

- President Snow The Sexy Rooster has left...
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To take the quiz, put an x tiếp theo to every statement about each character that applies to you, then add them up, and you're whichever character bạn checked off the most statements for.

[ ] bạn would do anything to protect your family.
[ ] bạn have good aim.
[ ] bạn hate cats.
[ ] bạn like to wear your hair in a braid.
[ ] bạn find sticking to instructions tough.
[ ] bạn aren’t too fond of people in general.
[ ] bạn hate being indebted to people.
[ ]You hold grudges.
[ ] bạn wouldn’t describe yourself as a warm, friendly person—you’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.
[ ] When you...
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Hunger Games trailer, about the character Peeta, trying to drown out the memories of the games.
hunger games
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