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 Percy Jackson người hâm mộ art
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xin chào guys! Another songifc, to ADELE's Don't bạn Remember, because honestly, the song fits so freaking perfectly.
Heres da link, lets begin!

When will I see bạn again?
bạn left with no goodbye,
Not a single word was said,
No final Kiss to niêm phong, con dấu any seams,
I had no idea of the state we were in,

Reyna stood alone on temple hill. Jason was gone, her partner, her best—only—true friend. And if that last week had meant anything, something more. But then he was just…gone. She had never minded being alone, had always preferred solitude to crowds, but with Jason gone something was missing. Something...
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posted by HecateA
So I get a computer to check on this spot during my road trip and the character art video dared to come out while I was gone. Hmmph! Well, I always đã đưa ý kiến it would.

So I got out my pen and sacrificed 2 pages in the middle of my notebook and wrote down what I saw in each picture, and my selective memory selected to remember the important things (for exaple; my name *cough*beat that Percy and Jason*cough*). Of course not, I mean what striked me about the characters. And as I did my research- it all unveiled into a picture perfect puzzle- which equals about 30 Kodak moments.

Guy on the left
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This bài viết is listed as guide. Do bạn know why? Because this is a guide on how to đăng lên your fanfiction. Because something went off and we have half-a-million Son of Neptune fanfiction, and the other million being others. And it's great. It honnestly is. But before the Mất tích hero came out, we were a very small club and we all knew the active members bởi name really! We also had rules about the spot's étiquette and of course, we have rules here about fanfiction.

I really want these rules to be respected, call it a pet peeves if bạn must. And I dont think bạn all can find that bài viết burried...
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