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Annebeth looked around the crowd despretly looking for Percy. Brown hair blue eyes,no Black hair hazle eyes,no.Then she saw Percy step phía trước, chuyển tiếp in a purple toga "Welcome Greeks" he said"Please come so we can talk" Annebeth heard a creeking noise and saw a set of stairs unfolding from the ship. She rushed over and taking two steps at a time she ran all the way to the bottom the sprinted over to Percy and nearly tackled him in a chịu, gấu hug. Then she backed up and punched him in the arm "Ow" he complained "What was that for" "That" she đã đưa ý kiến "Was for leaving me for 8 months." "Hey" he đã đưa ý kiến " I didn't have any control over that" Annebeth didnt ansewer she just hugged him again "Well'l talk later" he whispered in her ear. Then he turned to the Camp-Half Blood campers "Please follow me so we can talk" then he turned to what looked like a city and with his arm around Annebeth,she knew that she finnaly had Percy back.
On the Argro 11 Annebeth's tim, trái tim hammered in her chest. It would be the first time in eight months that she would be seeing Percy. But doubts clouded her mind. What if he had Mất tích his memory just as Jason had. What if he didn't remember her hoặc worse what if he he had met another girl at this other camp. "Are bạn ok" Piper asked "You look like your going to be sick" "Yeah. it's just what if Percy doesn't remember me?" "Trust me he will" Piper squeezed her hand reasuringly. A voice broke through Annebeth's troubled thoughts "Well'l be ariving in about 1 minute." Leo yelled from below deck. Annebeth could see what looked like a coliseum but insted of it looking older it was clean with white new paint.The ship was coming closer an closer to the camp and Annebeth could make out a small group of campers wearing purplet-shirts before they even reached the ground Annebeth could hear Percy calling her name trying to get her attention "Annebeth!".
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Type: Adventure

Characters: Percy Jackson- Son of Poseidon
Hazel- Daughter of Apollo
Dakota- Daughter of Pluto
Bobby- Son of Minerva
Reyna- Daughter of Ceres
Gwen- Daughter of Minerva

OC- The other Roman Campers
Michael- Son Of Mercury
Jania- Daughter of Bacchus

Disclaimer: I do not own the PJO hoặc HoO series hoặc the characters. They belong to Rick Riordan.

This is A Note To All Percabeth Fans. Percy is NOT going to remember Anabeth. Jason didnt remember his girlfriend right away so neither will Percy.
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If you're an Anti-Leo, then this is for you.
Based on "Weasley Is Our King," Slytherin version:

Valdez cannot save a thing
He cannot even fix a wing
That's why monsters all sing
Valdez is our King

Valdez was born in a bin
He always lets the monsters win
Thats why monsters all sing
Valdez is our King

Valdez is our King
Valdez is our King
Valdez will make Giải cứu thế giới die
Valdez is our King

And now, if you're a Leo người hâm mộ like me, this is thêm for you.
Based on "Weasley Is Our King," Gryffindor version:

Valdez is our King
Valdez is our King
He didn't let the monsters win
Valdez is our King

Valdez can fix anything
He beats monsters with ngẫu nhiên things
That's why demigods all sing
Valdez is our King
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u ready for the movie i sure in heck am
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This made me laugh... alot
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