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This Các anh hùng của đỉnh Olympus bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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Artemis' Blessing is a blessing awarded to the Hunters bởi the goddess, Artemis. The blessing of Artemis can only be bestowed if the hunter devotes her life to be a hunter and to never tình yêu men.


This blessing gives them immortality, meaning they will never age. However they can still be killed in battle hoặc if they break their vows to be virgins, they will continue to age and may be punished bởi Artemis for doing so. The blessing creates a silver glow around them, as if they were 'bathed in the moon's rays'. Artemis' blessing gives the Hunters advanced senses, thêm like an animal than...
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Percy had just gone to sleep after a long ngày at camp.Youd think hed just doze until mornin' right?WRONG!!!(remember hes still sleepn'!!)Percy got out of giường and walked out the front door at his usual time 11:15,early riser right?So he was in still in his boxers,when suddenly,"YANKEE DOODLE DANDY!FIND THE MUSES,AND THE NICO!AND WITH THE FUNYUNS BE SAAAAANDY!!!!!!"(to the tune of yankee doodle)and he sung that all the entire way to the Hades cabin.When he got there he went inside and yelled right into Nicos ear,"BARNYS GONNA FIND YOU!!!AND ELMOS HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET!!!!"after that he ran to...
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Guess what? (yes I know the sky is blue, guess again)… I already knew Leo was epic, keep guessing! Kay, stop guessing, I’ll tell you! There are… Synopsises available for ‘The Son of Neptune’! So I am here, today, because this is BIG and I have IDEAS about this BIG thing.
First off, it’d be nice if bạn had a standing chance to keep up with me, now wouldn’t it? Well here’s your standing chance;

This crazy messed up world of gods and monsters is Percy Jackson’s reality, which pretty much sucks for him.
Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, God of the Sea, has woken from a very deep...
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Q1. Do bạn prefer the Mất tích hero hoặc son of Neptune? the Mất tích hero means your greek. And the son of Neptune means your roman
Q2. Pick a holiday, what tháng does it take place?
January- Zues/Jupiter
February - Posiden/ Neptune
March- Hades/Pluto
April- Athena/ Minerva
May- Ares/Mars
June- Apollo/Apollon/Phoebus
July- Aphrodite/Venus
August - Hepheastus/ Vulcan
September - Hecate/ trivia
October -Demeter/Ceres
December -hermes/ mercury
Q3. What color are your pants and that's the age bạn arrived at camp.
Red -12
Q4. First Monster...
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