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posted by wildchild_rids1
 this is for the half-blood những người đang yêu
this is for the half-blood lovers
Everyone get ready to know what happens when percy meats jason
(i'm going to post it within 2 days )

.........I'm thêm than sure , just wait and watch . Replys Percy.
Okay . I trust u so bạn better be right !
The way Reyna told it made percy shiver it was almost like she already had her dao, con dao under his throat besides that Percy was kinda happy , he was finally going to meet ANNABETH .
Reyna on the other hand was going to meet J'ason .
And as bạn know now Jason was with Piper

(to be continued )

Annabeth's POV

after months of searching , i'm finally gonna meet Percy ! but will he remember me ?? and will he still like me hoặc does he like someone else

thousands of thoughts ached mind , but one really bohered her - the thought of two powrful half-bloods no liking eeach other besides percy was greek and jason was roman ......

Hazel's POV

The guy who looked like her x-boyfriend "sammy valdez " was on that ship sha thought it might be sammy reborn hoặc somehing

Jasons POV

he was feeling rather awkward . his old girlfriend was there . he knew sooner hoặc later he had to make a choice - piper hoặc reyna

leo's POV

there was basically nothing in his mind exept wht would roman camp look like . would they have something to protect heir camp ....
would they have cheeseburgers ?? coz im coming from a long trip . if i don't i eat i woul-

(he puked)

annabeth and piper together . eeeww LEO thts gross
annabeth - great now were gonna have a good first impression ! thanx to bạn !

The first thing Percy heard was a girl screaming OMG your alive and the tiếp theo thing he knew was there was a girl in his arms - curly blonde hair , blue eyes ? no they were grey , stormy grey.
Annabeth ? he đã đưa ý kiến softly and came the reply . ''You idiot . do u have any idea what i've been through . huh !
I was exepecting something thêm like - Percy i'm so glad to see bạn hoặc ur still alive . he đã đưa ý kiến softly .
Annabeth asked Percy did bạn say something ??
nope , nothing. came the reply .
Percy '' long time no see '' , where bạn been man ? I was worried 'bout bạn !

Percy thought - wait iv heard it before .
then he turned and đã đưa ý kiến -Grover ?! grover i dint know bạn were on that ship ! well i am . man i missed u so hows everything going on their ?

annabeth pov
grover gets i missed u and me nothing but percy's mumbling .maybe he needs a little time .

WHILE most
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posted by olympianglory
Disclaimer: i own no characters except Olympia


Oh boy oh boy! I thought as I took the package. My uprising kit! YES!!!! Tearing it open, I peered insides and saw: a Jackson elimination bomb,a Chase elimination bomb, and a godly bomb. OH YEAH BABY! THIS IS HOW I ROLL!

Olympia sensed something, she had to warn Percy, she loved him, but not romantic love, thêm like a sister would,she turned and ran back to to Camp Bath-Blood.

Now, back to Tartarus

Hmph, he thought that Olympia girl knows.Eh, oh well shes just one girl, not a goddess hoặc anything.

But he didn't know how wrong he was.
There we were. Gaea was finally awake and had Annabeth captured. There was only one thing to do. Dance! Just kidding, if I started to dance Annabeth would kill me. I surrendered. "I give up!" I shouted at Gaea. "Here, take this as a peace offering." "What is it demigod?" She hissed. "Water from the đài phun nước of youth in Rome. Jason helped me take it." I replied. Jason looked at me strangely. "I have no need for youth demigod," She laughed. "But if bạn surrender I will indulge." She took the goblet from my hand and took a long drink. Her eyes widened and she screamed! "Greek ngọn lửa, chữa cháy should send bạn to Tarterus for a good long while, now that we closed the doors of death!" She disappeared, for good hoặc at least we hoped.

Constructive criticism wanted!