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posted by gryffindorgal
I clicked off the TV and stood up. thêm news on the infamous Green Hornet. The police were getting angry about the vigilante, but I was neither way about the whole thing. The doorbell rang and I shouted, "Coming!"
"Still on school newspaper? bạn know the only stories people want to hear are ones about the Green Hornet." I rolled my eyes.
"Would bạn please tell me why you're dragging me out today?"
"To break bạn out of your paper cell." She continued to drag me to the Dave and Buster's about a mile from my house. She waved a leaflet about game specials under my nose, and shrugged, "You could write...
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posted by gryffindorgal
I sat down and handed my bài viết to Ms. Johnson, my school newspaper supervisor. "This is all about Dave and Buster's?" I shook my head.
"Just read."
Many of my readers have been asking, ahem, begging, for an bài viết on the Green Hornet. Well now bạn have one. I was walking trang chủ with my friend, Lana Davis, last week on a Saturday night when we were attacked bởi several armed men. Before we were sliced and diced, a stunning black car peeled around the corner. It took a few men with it as it flew through the mob. We were pulled inside as the men driving sped off. They introduced themselves as the...
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