I honestly don't get why Bolt is here. The Revival Era started in 2009, and Bolt came out in 2008.
This may seem like a weird idea for an article, but let me explain.
Last week, I wrote an bài viết about my yêu thích Disney animated phim chiếu rạp from the Revival Era. The reason I wrote that bài viết is because ApplesauceDoctr also wrote an bài viết like that, so I wanted to write down my version. However, while I wrote down almost everything I wanted to tell about the phim chiếu rạp I listed off, there are things I forgot to write down, hoặc didn't have enough không gian left to write them down. In fact, it was so long that, at the end, it just cuts off without even finishing the sentence.

I'm nghề viết văn this bài viết as a way to say some extra thoughts about the phim chiếu rạp I listed off. These new thoughts can range from short to long, but I'll try to keep them coherent.

Also, I'll be using different posters, this time.

If bạn want to read most of what I think about these movies, here's the link to my trước đó article:

With that said, let's begin:

8.Winnie The Pooh (2011);
Most of what I think about this movie I already explained in my trước đó article, so this won't take long.

However, there are some things that I didn't talk about. One those were the songs.
I mentioned the songs, but I didn't talk about them, which is a shame because the songs are pretty damn good songs. The two songs I remember the most are: "The Backson song" and "Everything is Honey".
"The Backson song" is a cute and really catchy song. One of the lyrics actually got a laugh out of me:
"Its toes are black, its lông, lông thú is blue, I swear that all I tell bạn is not made up."
I don't know, I just find that line funny.

After listening to the song again, I actually started to notice something interesting regarding the Backson.
I feel like the Backson is supposed to symbolize school. Granted, a lot of the comparisons are just silly stuff, but "sleep too late", "they make bạn feel as small as a mouse", "they break your crayons" (creativity), "they stop all the clocks", "they made me catch the cold I caught", "they won't beg your pardon", "they made me lose my train of thought" and finally "they steal your youth". Christopher Robin just went to school, and it's a horrible monster.
This is further proven bởi the fact that the name "Backson" comes from the words "back soon".

I really like the animated chalk stye they use, which is very fitting because, as I said, the Backson is an analogy for school, and every school uses chalk.

"Everything is Honey" is probably my yêu thích song in the movie, mostly because of the gorgeous animation. All the honey looks like liquid gold, and it looks delicious.
The song also has a very charming feel to it. I just tình yêu how excited and amazed Pooh is with all that honey surrounding him. And the ending with him eating honey just to discover it being mud, is hilarious!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the songs are so good, since the songs are made bởi the same two people who composed the songs for Frozen.

One thing I forgot to talk about is John Cleese as the narrator. He's absolutely perfect, he's both dignified and can still have that sense of humor that the original narrator had, too.

The last thing I want to talk about is the post-credit scene that shows the Backson is actually real. However, instead of being the horrible monster that everyone described him as, he's actually a very nice and thoughtful guy, although not very bright.

I honestly find it confusing that they made a Winnie The Pooh movie for the Revival Era, since there have been many Winnie The Pooh phim chiếu rạp before. In fact, this movie shares a lot in common with another Winnie The Pooh movie, The tìm kiếm for Christopher Robin, which is actually one of my favorites.
I guess the only justifiable reason for doing so, is to introduce Winnie The Pooh to the newer generation of children, but even that I doesn't make sense.
Last Saturday, me and my father went to my cousin/Godmother's new house so we could build a nhà để xe door for them. While working, I saw my niece and nephew watching a 3D animated Winnie The Pooh series, which already means that the younger generation already knows who Winnie The Pooh is, so I don't see the point of this movie's existence.
But, despite what I said, I still find this a good and charming movie.

7.Zootopia (2016);
There I are a few things I want to say about this movie that sadly, I didn't say in my trước đó article.
One of those things is the height of the animals.
I like how the động vật are sort of up to scale. No one is the same height, hoặc build. They look like a reasonable mix between human and animal. Judy Hops in particular looks genuinely attractive, but not super smoking hot.

Let's talk about the humor. I already talked about how fantastic the jokes are, but there is a scene that I want to talk about, and that's when Judy and Nick go to the DMV, and it's run bởi sloths.
Now, I've never been to a DMV before, but I've seen so many parodies of it being the worst hell-hole on the planet, and I'm actually afraid of going there once I'm old enough.
I really like how they parodied the DMV. As I said, I've seen many jabs at the DMV, but the four that I remember the most are from: Megas XLR, Family Guy, Dan Vs, and The Looney Tunes Show.

While it is a really funny moment, the problem with it, is that I've seen so many parodies of the DMV, that it's no longer an original idea anymore. Don't get me wrong, having the sloths be the ones who run the place is very clever and appropriate, but it seems kind of cliched.
Although, once they're finished just realize it's late at night is a very nice touch and really funny.

Another thing I want to talk about is the deleted scene where Nick is at a Hospital where they temporarily remove his collar.
Zootopia's main theme is racial profiling, and it really does hiển thị in that scene. In it, while the doctor is removing the collar, they're wearing protection and are ready to drop a cage on Nick, out of fear of Nick turning wild and hurting them. When the collar's removed, Nick is filled with a sense of freedom like Elsa, and starts having hallucinations of him and other predators running on a grassy field during sunset, and then going on a roller coaster. That is, until he realizes that it was all fake, and they immediately put the cổ áo back on.

This again shows the prey citizens' attitude towards predators; being paranoid and afraid of them, when in reality, predators are citizens too, and they just want to live a normal life.

I really do wish that this Zootopia could have been a thing. But, I guess it makes sense that going for the safer, thêm likable script is the better thing to do. I kind of wish Disney would do thêm dark movies, though.

I also have another observation regarding this movie.
After Bellwether left Judy and Nick, and Nicked asked if Bellwether counts herself when she goes to sleep, it made me think if she didn't count herself at all, as in, feeling like she doesn't matter. Lionheart didn't treat her with any respect, making her less self-conscious about herself. I believe this factors into her hatred for predators, and her plan of getting rid of all the predators in Zootopia.
I know this may sound like a bit of a stretch, but it's how I see it. I still think that Bellwether's limited screen-time as a villain made her kind of boring, but her motivation and reasoning for doing so is very understandable and realistic, so I give it that.

And lastly, the song "Try Everything" bởi Shakira. I mentioned it in my trước đó article, about it being a great song. Not only do I think it's very catchy, but very energetic and optimistic. I remember back in March of my 9th grade, I liked the song so much, that while traveling with my father in the morning on the tramcar, I downloaded this song directly on my tablet.
The funny thing about this song is that everyone makes fun of the tiêu đề of trying out anything, including drugs and food. When in reality, it means that if bạn fail over and over again, just get back up and never give up.

As I said, I think this is a hilarious movie, and the funniest one of all the Revival movies, while also being very heartfelt.

6.The Princess and the Frog (2009);
Let's talk about my history regarding this movie, first, since I didn't get to talk about it before.

It all started back in my 3rd grade, when my mother signed me up for Judo classes, which I did until the end of my 5th grade, where I stopped going because of all the increase in homework. The classes were 2 hours and they were exhausting, but it was a good way to exercise.
Why do I bring this up? Well, that's because sometimes, me and mother go to supermarkets after classes were over so we could buy groceries, and that's where I saw advertisements for this movie, as well as inside Disney comic sách I sometimes bought.
The advertisements didn't stop there. Whenever I played a flash-game on Cartoon Network's site, hoặc Disney's, they'd usually hiển thị the trailer for the movie. I especially remember an instance when the trailer for the movie popped up, where Prince Naveen told Tiana about how a voodoo, witch-doctor turned him into a frog.

I remember really wanting to see this movie. One of the things I was obsessed with back in the ngày was Disney, and I grew up watching a lot of Disney Princess movies. Seeing how a new traditionally animated Disney Princess movie was made, I searched for it online so I could watch it, in Hungarian. bạn see, I didn't know how to speak English fluently until 5th grade started.

I finally managed to see it back in Summer of 2014, and I watched a couple of times thêm when my 8th grade started, and became obsessed with Nữ hoàng băng giá and Disney.

A scene that I forgot to talk about is the scene where Tiana is tempted bởi Facilier to give back the amulet and Naveen, but in return, he'll give Tiana everything she ever wanted.
I mostly like the fact that unlike other Disney temptations, this one is one I wouldn't have turned down instantly. It's actually a hard decision. He really pulled on her tim, trái tim strings. Don't bạn want to honour your dead father? Don't bạn want to prove all of the nay-sayers wrong? Don't bạn want to be rewarded for all of your hard work? Don't bạn want to be human again? All she had to do was give up a friend, he wasn't even going to die - just stay locked up. In real life people have được trao up Những người bạn for a lot less than everything bạn ever wanted. It's truly a cruel choice, which is why I liked Tiana so much.

While watching the scene where Facilier talks to Lawrence after Naveen escaped, he đã đưa ý kiến something that caught my attention.
When he says "Aren't bạn tired of living on the margins? While all those fat mèo in their fancy cars don't give bạn so much as a sideways glance?", he says it with such disgust and it implies that he's gone through that and likely far thêm in the past, which is what drove him to Voodoo in the first place.
He wasn't just talking to Laurence, he was talking to himself too. That sort of thing happened to him before, which is why he helped Laurence and tried to convince Tiana. He knew what it was like to come from a poor background hoặc to be pushed around.

I'm glad to see this movie getting thêm attention and appreciation from people, since it is a really well-made film that deserves the credit it gets.

5.Big Hero 6 (2014);
This is going to be one of the shorter ones, since I'm mostly going to explain my history regarding the film.

It all started back in late-October of 2014, weeks after I became obsessed with Frozen. One evening, while surfing around on Disney Wikia, I saw that the background changed to something else. That's when I discovered the trailer/promos for Big Hero 6.
Back then, because of how hated Nữ hoàng băng giá was, I thought it was merely okay/decent at best, and I tried looking at it as a guilty pleasure, while thinking the other modern Disney animated 3D phim chiếu rạp were superior to it, including this movie. I thought it was awesome, but it was mostly the hype.

There's a tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ I bumped into back when the movie was still pretty popluar, where Eugene and Rapunzel, Ralph and Vanneloppe, Elsa and Anna, are looking at a poster with all 6 of the main characters, eagerly waiting in line outside of the movie theater.
I'll leave a link so bạn could also see it: link

I remember all of the trailers for it, but the one that stood out to me the most is the một giây trailer, which featured the song "Top of the World" bởi Greek Fire. Much like how "Some Nights" made Wreck-it Ralph seem awesome, "Top of the World" makes the Big Hero 6 seem thêm important and grand, especially in the beginning where Hiro talks about Tadashi's passing.
In fact, I listen to all three of the trailer songs: "Top of the World" bởi Greek Fire, and "Immortals" and "My songs know what bạn did in the dark" bởi Fall Out Boy. Although, I didn't listen to the third one until I accidentally bumped into a Nightcore version of it, on the very last ngày of my 8th grade.

One thêm thing, I like how most of the humor is based on body language and actions; it reminds me a lot of the comedy that director Brad Bird uses, especially in his animated phim chiếu rạp like: The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille.

Plus, this năm Big Hero 6 will have it's own TV series, on Disney XD!
According to what I read: "The series picks up immediately following the events in the film. Hiro is the newest prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, and he faces daunting academic challenges …. not to mention the social trials of being the little man on campus. Off campus, the stakes are raised for Big Hero 6 as they must protect their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains."
I honestly see potential with this idea, and it's nice to see that Hire, Baymax and the others are getting a different sort of continuation.

I saw a lot of people calling this movie cliched and boring, and I do understand, since the superhero part of the movie isn't great and it's basically the typical superhero team stopping a bad guy from destroying a city, but the other half, and the soundtrack thêm than make up for that.

4.Tangled (2010);
Once again, I'll only talk about my history with this movie.

I saw the trailers for this movie on TV, back in my 4th grade. I especially remember an instance where I saw the trailer on TV while sitting tiếp theo to my mother's computer (I didn't own a laptop back then.), and it ended with Rapunzel swinging with her long hair on a cây while Eugene is annoyed while having his arms folded.

Another instance like that was when I saw a commercial that showed a doll of Rapunzel, who's hair bạn could comb.

Now, I didn't really feel the need to watch this movie like I did with Princess and the Frog, because it looked kind of generic, in my opinion, and the GCI phim hoạt hình didn't impress me.

It got thêm interesting when Nữ hoàng băng giá came out, and everyone started comparing it Tangled. Back when I became a Nữ hoàng băng giá fan, I thought the movie was flawed, and I preferred Công chúa tóc mây over it, even if I obsessed over Frozen. One Friday night, I even saw an bài viết where someone listed off his reasons of why Công chúa tóc mây is better than Frozen.

Much like Big Hero 6, Công chúa tóc mây got its own TV series as well. I haven''t seen any episodes of it, but I have seen clips from it and GIF's on Tumblr, and it seems harmless.

As time passed, my opinion changed drastically, but I still remember all of the "interesting" memories I had with it.

3.Moana (2016);
I've praised this movie a lot in my trước đó article, and after I watched it, it became one of my yêu thích Disney movies. However, that wasn't always the case. I think it's time to share a pretty dark secret of mine regarding this film.
When I saw what the tiếp theo Disney phim chiếu rạp will be, I was interested in how they would turn out, but didn't worry about them. However, when I saw that Moana will be a Disney Princess movie, and seeing the people making it made me anxious.
The movie's going to be directed bởi John Musker and Ron Clements, the same directors who made The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Princess and the Frog; and the musical score's done bởi Mark Mancina who composed the score for The Lion King, Tarzan and Brother Bear. And they even got Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to play one of the characters.
Why did this make me worry so much? Because I saw this in my 8th grade, which was the năm I became a massive Nữ hoàng băng giá fan, and seeing how a new Disney Princess will be made bởi the same people who worked on many trước đó classics that we highly regard, I was afraid that when Moana's released, nobody will ever care about Nữ hoàng băng giá anymore.
If they like the movie more, that's their business, but what I was truly afraid of is that I'm going to become another outcast. That people will look at me and say: "Dude, you're still obsessing over Frozen? What a f*cking dork!"(Sorry about that.)

However, after nghề viết văn my bài viết where I analyzed some of my yêu thích fan-arts of Elsa because of her birthday, I was shocked to see how many people payed attention to it, and actually enjoyed it and agreed with me. And after finally watching Moana, I can safely say that they're both amazing film in their own right, and they both have their fair share of những người hâm mộ and haters.

Now I would like to talk about my problems with the movie.
Hei Hei is pretty annoying. While he can be funny at times, he doesn't really do anything, aside from being a nuisance to Moana and Maui. Even the ocean get tired of him. The only time he ever contributes to anything is t the climax when he catches the tim, trái tim from falling into the ocean. Aside from that, he doesn't do anything, but act like his brain is missing. They could've had Pau the pig be her sidekick, and nothing would be different in terms of plot.
However, maybe that was the intent. They made it look like Pau's going the be the dumb animal sidekick, when in reality we get an animal sidekick, who's LITERALLY dumb! And maybe having him do nothing on the plot is supposed to be a parody on how dumb animal sidekick don't contribute anything to the story, but he still does something in the end to help Moana.
While that is very clever, that doesn't excuse the fact that Hei Hei's still pretty annoying.

And the jokes don't always hit. Most of the jokes are pretty funny, but other times I feel indifferent towards them. For instance, I can't decide if Maui's bình luận about tweeting is funny because of how accurate it is, hoặc stupid because even though Twitter is up there with Facebook and Tumblr when it comes to social media, that doesn't mean they won't be outdated.

There's something I wanted to say about how Te Fiti turned into Te Ka. That she wasn't pure evil, just blinded bởi rage and sorrow, and having her tim, trái tim lấy trộm, đánh cắp is an analogy of losing her identity.
I really like how most of today's Disney villains aren't just two-dimensional bad-guys, but rather people with histories hoặc problems. It honestly reminds me a lot of Batman: The Animated Series, where most of Batman's villains were just misguided people.

I may have been skeptical about this movie before, but I learned that my fear unnecessary, and that the final movie turned out great.

2.Wreck-it Ralph (2012);
In my trước đó article, I đã đưa ý kiến that the last game I finished from beginning to end was Pokemon Black, and the very first game I finished was Sonic Advance 2. Well, I wasn't entirely honest.
The last game I finished from beginning to end was Pokemon Sun, the most gần đây addition to the main Pokemon series. This time, I didn't play it on an emulator, but instead, I ordered a fully functioning New Nintendo 3DS XL, that had 5 games already installed onto it, and it had both Pokemon Sun and Moon on it. I edited my bài viết since then.
The reason why I đã đưa ý kiến Black was because I played that game on my new laptop, to test it out how it works on a new PC.

However, I also have another revelation, and that's the main message. Sure, I already explained that the main theme of Wreck-it Ralph was that doing what bạn believe is the right thing, even if everyone else thinks otherwise, and it doesn't make bạn look like a good guy. But I also learned some new things about it. I wanted to say it in my trước đó article, but it didn't have enough không gian left to explain it.

There are two sides to the Wreck-it Ralph's them, and both are equally relevant: starting with the Nicelanders who have pigeonholed Ralph into being a "bad guy". They prejudice they display is something most people are guilty of. We're not all Gene, but most of us had a Ralph in our lives in one time hoặc another. Vanneloppe was the victim of gaslighting, but her treatment was pretty much the same as the glitch.
The first message is: don't prejudge people. Their value to society and thêm importantly their value as people shouldn't be measured hoặc quantified the way game inhabitants do.
The một giây half of that message is to not let people pigeonhole you. Ralph's story starts with him questioning his role. For years, he's accepted he's just the villain that owns that label. He believes of he can win a medal, he'll change the Nicelanders' opinion of him. And in the end he ultimately accepts his social label as a "villain", even though what he's doing is the noble, selfless, heroic thing anyone can do. And I tình yêu that both he and Vanneloppe use the traits that make them "undesirable", to either save themselves hoặc each other.

Also, one small thing, Jenifer Lee, the wrote the screenplay for the movie đã đưa ý kiến that is Ralph and Elsa would meet, they would make a cute couple.

1.Frozen (2013).
When I finished talking about Frozen, the bài viết cut off the part where I talked about "Let It Go" because it didn't have enough space.
I was worried about separating it again. I cut it short, and only talked about the thêm important things, instead. I couldn't even say "Smell ya' Later" at the end.
Consider this a direct follow-up from the end of that part.

"For the First Time in Forever" is among the better songs in the movie. However, I don’t really get into the lyrics and orchestration until the first chorus is over. It’s not even that bad and holds the thematic elements it needs to, but it just doesn’t feel that it’s going all out in those moments. The rest of the song thêm than makes up for that though. It has probably my yêu thích orchestration of all the songs bar "Let it Go" and introduces the character to the duality that has grown in Anna and Elsa as they grew up bởi having them react to the same event in different ways. I tình yêu how quickly the song turns from Anna being ecstatically eager to Elsa being worried and reserved.
In my personal opinion, Anna’s eagerness is a lot thêm fun to listen to in this instance. Though I think it's because this is mostly Anna's song, but I tình yêu the parts with Elsa as well.

As much as I tình yêu the movie, it has problems, but I will only address one criticism, and that's the parents.
People like to harp on the choice the parents make to keep Elsa as a recluse because it causes unnecessary psychological damage and makes it seem Elsa inexplicably doesn’t like Anna anymore.

Call me a bad parent, but it makes perfect sense from a royalty perspective.
First of all, her powers would be considered witchcraft and everyone would be afraid of her. At least, that’s what happens when she unleashes her power in the movie. I also think the politics of the matter play into their choice. As king and Queen they have a certain image to keep up. I find it hard to believe that rulers of other kingdoms would be able to nuốt, nhạn the news that Arendelle is housing a child who can control ice. Chances are someone would think Elsa is being trained as some sort of weapon and have a violent reaction. I mean, the Duke of Weselton was perfectly ready to kill Elsa when he found out she had powers anyways, so he’d probably do the same thing if they weren’t kept a secret. Keeping Elsa’s powers a secret would probably have been less harmful to her than the alternative. Even taking that out of it they had no idea that Elsa wouldn’t be able to conceal her power. At the time, for all they knew it would only be a few years hoặc months for her to learn because they had no idea how the powers worked hoặc how to control them. Taking all of those things out of it, I’d say that it is entirely possible that her parents just made a decision without knowing if it would work. They were completely in the dark as to how far Elsa’s powers could go, so I’d say that they just made a bad decision like real people do when they don’t have all the information they need.

And I think it's time to talk about my history regarding Frozen, hoặc thêm specifically, how I was introduced to it.

It was 2013, a November evening, I was watching Disney's A giáng sinh Carol that stared Jim Carrey while eating a bowl of súp in my bed. Then I took a hot bath and it felt good. Later, my parents arrived and told that we're going shopping to a mall in Arad where my cousin/Godmother was working. That's when I saw cardboard cut-outs of Olaf and Sven standing on hàng đầu, đầu trang of each other. I thought it was an advertisement for another snow-related holiday movie that comes out on Novembers and Christmas.
Later, I saw the trailer for the movie, as well as các hình nền and posters for it. It intrigued me, to say the least.

In mid-march of 2014 on a Friday night, I finally got to watch Nữ hoàng băng giá on Dailymotion. I liked it, but didn't really think much of it. However, one thing to note is that, because Elsa was so heavily advertised, I thought she was the main character.

On October 7th, 2014, I started to form a crush on Elsa, which resulted in me becoming a Nữ hoàng băng giá fan. I dug up information about it, red others opinion on it, met Những người bạn on the internet, and got into social media all because of Frozen.

Let's just say, this movie changed my life.

Before I end my article, I want to talk about something that I wasn't able to do in the trước đó one, and that's the upcoming Disney animated phim chiếu rạp for the Revival Era.
First, there's Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2. It will premier tiếp theo year, on March 9th. And like I said, I see a lot of potential in Ralph and his Những người bạn exploring the internet. Let's just hope they don't bump into any Rule 34 material about them.
Second, it's Frozen's sequel. I already talked a lot about this one, and I even wrote an bài viết about what I want it do. One of those things is hiển thị Elsa's mature side, and not make her into another energetic and playful princess, hoặc a lesbian that panders to the LGBT community, and ruing the symbol she has represents. The movie will premier on November 27th 2019, which is literally 6 years after the first Frozen's premier, and I find that to be an awesome way to celebrate it's anniversary.
The third is a movie called Gigantic. It's going to be based on Jack and the Beanstalk. It's a Disney Princess movie, and the songs will be composed bởi the same two people who composed the songs for Winnie The Pooh and Frozen. Originally, it was planned to be released tiếp theo year, like Ralph breaks the Internet, but for some reason it got pushed to 2020.

Either way, I am interested in what Disney has in plan for us, and I hope it'll be something great!
As always, Smell ya' Later.