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 26 year-old actress and model Peyton danh sách is playing the role of Cara.
26 year-old actress and model Peyton List is playing the role of Cara.
Berlanti ti vi and Bonanza Productions in association with Fremantlemedia and Warner Bros. ti vi are getting set to begin production on a new science fiction ti vi series pilot 'The Tomorrow People' for CW ti vi Network. Casting directors in New York and Los Angeles are holding auditions for series regulars and possible recurring roles, with guest starring and ngày player roles to be cast subsequently. All of the show's stand-ins and background extras will be cast in New York throughout production beginning on March 18, 2013. "The Tomorrow People" is based on the 1970's British...
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danh sách of pilots:


"[It is] set at an historic New England summer resort where the new and returning staff attend to the practical, emotional and often comical needs of the guests while navigating friendships, rivalries and romances of their own."

Joey Dakota

"The romantic-time travel musical revolves around a documentary filmmaker who travels back in time to the 1990s where she meets and falls in tình yêu with the rock ngôi sao subject of her film. When she unexpectedly returns to present day, she must find her way back to the past to reunite with her tình yêu and prevent his untimely death."
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STUDIO: Warner Bros Television
TEAM: Greg Berlanti (w, ep), Andrew Kreisberg (w, ep), Geoff Johns (w), David Nutter (d, ep), Melissa Kellner Berman (co-ep)
LOGLINE: Barry Allen is a Central City assistant police forensics investigator who arrives in chim sáo đậu, chim chích chòe, sáo to look into a series of unexplained robberies that may have a connection to a tragedy in his past. A comic book fanboy, Barry is obsessed with the Mũi tên xanh unaware that working with Oliver and Felicity to solve the crime has brought him right into the dangerous world of the vigilante.
CAST: Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Rick Gosnett,...
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Logline: A warm, quirky, humorous drama about a family whose lives are forever changed, for better and worse, when the patriarch has a car crash resulting in a coma-like syndrome where he cannot speak hoặc move, but can see and hear all. His narration and fantaisie sequences emanating from his mind provide context and a wry counterpoint to the stories and conflicts of the family and his own situation.
Team: W/EP Vera Herbert (Awkward); EP David Marshall Grant (Brothers and Sisters), Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly
Studio: CBS ti vi Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions

The Hundred:
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