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The Big Bang Theory
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On 25 April, drama and comedy series, The Big Bang Theory is going to premiere twenty first episode of its sixth season. The interlude is named as ‘The Closure’. The scoop of the episode is available here! Sheldon’s upcoming yêu thích ti vi gets cancelled and when Sheldon comes to know about the news, he feels sad and thinks that he is lost.Amy is trying to make him feel good and tells him that the hiển thị will
be premiered very soon. Things go upside down for Raj, when he finds that his tình yêu interest, Lucy has some secrets, which she is hiding from him.

đệ trình Your Reviews, Read News and Watching The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 21 Full Then link
Hi The Big Bang Theory fans!

We have just received some breaking news that Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. ti vi Group announced a partnership today with Cryptozoic Entertainment™. Cryptozoic is best known for developing and licensing games such as World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game and The Walking Dead™ Board Game. Scheduled to release in April of 2012, Cryptozoic will be unveiling a new multiplayer card game called The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game. Players of The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game will compete bởi pairing category cards with hiển thị insider phrases and references earning points based on judging and ranking the card combinations – the player with the most points wins. bạn can find thêm information and the official press release exclusively from Warner Bros. ti vi Media To Go.

Warner Bros. ti vi Media To Go Link: link
I've been on fanpop for coming onto 4 years now and I haven't quite found the time to write an bài viết but this little idea was floating in my head since I woke up and I decided to share it over here...

Now when we all were growing up, in school, there were always cliques. The được ưa chuộng sportsmen, the pretty được ưa chuộng girls, the drama/artistic thespians in the making and then there were the science nerds.

Now I for one, belong to the very last group and even though school was miserable, and I was shunned, I actually do not regret one một phút of who I am, because being a science nerd has allowed me...
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So I wrote this for my LiveJournal, but I thought I’d post it here. There are very, very minor spoilers for unaired episodes of the show, but insanely minor. Most of them are vague and I don’t know the specifics anyway.

Basically, Priya is frustrating me, but not for the reason that one may think. She’s just changing things, and in a way I don’t like. Not for my ship’s sake. Just because I don’t like drastic change, and I see that coming.

It’s Thursday. It’s Jim Parsons’ birthday. And we don’t even get a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. We don’t even get a rerun. Don’t...
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The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory
season 12
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It is night and Sheldon is in giường when suddenly Arthur shows up.
"Why are bạn here" đã đưa ý kiến Sheldon
"I don't know" sad Arthur
"It could be because I'm going to France with Amy" đã đưa ý kiến Sheldon
"well...why would that be bad" đã đưa ý kiến Arthur
"I'm going to be proposing to her" đã đưa ý kiến Sheldon
"W-w-what" đã đưa ý kiến Arthur
"I đã đưa ý kiến I'll be proposing" đã đưa ý kiến Sheldon
"Well...are bạn ready" đã đưa ý kiến Arthur
"Yes...she has been so patient with me I want to hiển thị her how much I care" đã đưa ý kiến Sheldon
"Ok" đã đưa ý kiến Arthur
"Well....bye" đã đưa ý kiến Arthur

*the leaving ngày the air port*
"I can't believe we're going to France" đã đưa ý kiến Amy

*at the hotel at dinner*
"Amy.........will bạn marry me

*to be continued*
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everyone is running in to the paint ball base.
"we cant do it" đã đưa ý kiến lenard
is that the atitude that helped bạn get penny" đã đưa ý kiến Sheldon
"no but i dont have 7 seasons to make that team feel sorry for me" đã đưa ý kiến Lenard
"hes not wrong" đã đưa ý kiến howard
"we just can do this" đã đưa ý kiến Lenard
"well we have to try" đã đưa ý kiến Sheldon
"........ok then" đã đưa ý kiến Lenard as they charged out and............destroyed everyone in sight.
they went trang chủ with the smell of victory... and paint.

*the tiếp theo day*
they went in with lots of confidence. and came out second.

*the tiếp theo tiếp theo day*
they came back 3rd

*the tiếp theo tiếp theo tiếp theo day*
there in the...
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The Big Bang Theory
mayim bialik
season 12
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