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posted by skynite
Okay, this is weird. in the book "The Maze of Bones" Isaac Newton is đã đưa ý kiến to be a Lucian. HOWEVER! On the wibsite the say that he's part of the Ekaterina branch. Whats going on here!? Was this a mishap, hoặc was our táo, apple watching friend a spy, and if so, for which side?
There does seem to be a một giây nguồn to back up the Lucian claim. Within the Ekat profiles there exists a complaint about Isaac Newton saying that the Ekats may have to team up with the Tomas (our worst enemy) to go against the Lucian Isaac Newton. It's like gravity and pressure working against each other, gravity will eventually win out, but not for a while. That and we don't know which one is gravity. in the Mean time scholastic is just gonna leave us waiting for the sun to collapse.

An Ekat who knows what he'stalking about when he says stuff about the sun,
Ashish Vidyarthi's first Hollywood project DAM 999 will be released worldwide bởi the end of December 2010. In DAM 999, Ashish Vidyarthi is a person who is having issue with the protagonist.
ashish vidyarthi
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Belly Dance in association with the Pre-launch of DAM 999 in Dubai.
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posted by skynite
the Cahills have achieved quite alot. here are just some of there achivements.


the lightbulg
the airplane
the atomic bomb
sun centered universe
panama cannal
king tut
the computer
animal intelligence


for elise
the mona lisa
the sistine chapel's ceiling
the globe theater
Jail house rock
the declaration of independence
abstract art


the emancipation proclamation
the napoleonic code
the laws of physics
womens rights
area 51
the english channel
the spanish armada's defeat
bletchly park
black's rights


the moon landing
the revolutionary war
the olympics
the wild west show
the Iditarod
the NBA
hút bụi, hoover dam
exploration of the pacific
yankee stadium
As we all know, Mary Shelly is a Janus. Genetically however, this makes know sense. Mary's mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was a feminist who fought for education rights for women, and her father was a politacal reformer. How could Mary shelly be a Janus with parents such as these? Was her mom an exception like the flying ace? Was she actually a Madrigold spy? Was she a spy from another branch? Or, thêm likely, was it a goof that Rick made?

a curious Ekat,
posted by skynite
I now have a theory as to how Mr.Motion could be both Lucian and Ekat at the same time. Isaac Newton always hated his dad. What better way to tick him off than to clue hunt under another branch? The Lucians instantly realized how helpful it would be to have an Ekat on their side.
However, his passion remained for science, and he discovered many of the basic laws of physics. Thats all I have on the subject of Isaac Newton.

An Ekat,

If anyone has any alternate theories on the subject, let me know.
posted by skynite
In one of the games on the 39 clues website, Grace Cahill is đã đưa ý kiến to have gone to 26n 76 two months before she died. That means she either went to the bremuda triangle, the Ekat base, (26n 76w) hoặc rather close to Agra, India, a Cahill hotspot. (26n 76e) While it's a little suspicious that either of the sites contain Cahill intrest, the real câu hỏi is what was she doing at either of them?
She might have been hiding a final clue at the Taj Mahal. She could have some last một phút business to settle with the Ekats. the possibilities are endless, but one thing's for sure. Everyone is all ears to find out.

An Ekat who is going to be very angry if I find out Grace was poking around our base without us knowing,

P.S. does anyone know what branch the starlings are from?