The 100 4x04 - "A Lie Guarded". What was your yêu thích scene/part of the episode?

Pick one:
Jaha gets floated
Jasper pretends dying from Black Rain
Kane & Abby + Kane sends Octavia trang chủ
Luna & Nyko 'What do bạn think would happen if i đã đưa ý kiến they couldn't have it?'
The squad gets attacked bởi drones + Murphy helps Raven + Nyko dies
có lang, có lang, roan brakes the alliance with Skaikru & Trikru
Jasper finds the danh sách of The 100 + Clarke arrests him
Monty exposes Clarke + Jaha comes to her rescue 'You're not God.'
Luna & Raven 'Luna, it’s not your blood that defines you. It’s your heart.'
Echo & Octavia fight. Octavia gets stabbed & falls down a cliff
Jasper&Clarke 'If u think u have the best idea,u have to convince people,not lie'
The squad finds Becca’s abandoned laboratory
Bellamy breaks down at the news that Octavia is dead
Octavia & Helios. She is not dead after all. 'Home, Helios. Take me home.'
 MariLena16 posted hơn một năm qua
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