ti vi TV moments which made us cry the most. Add/pick your crying scenes.

Pick one:
bóng rổ game in the 4th season finale (One cây Hill)
Ben's death & funeral (Scrubs)
Clay remembers his wife's death (One cây Hill)
Cole's death (Charmed)
Daphne's death (Heroes)
Dean & Sam fight in the end of 5th season (SuperNatural)
Doyle's death and Cordelia watching his videotape (Angel)
Friends' finale
Gaby and balloon when she Mất tích her child (Desperate housewives)
Jim remembers (Ghost Whisperer)
Jim's death (Ghost Whisperer)
Julian's proposal to Brooke (One cây Hill)
Juliet cries when she nearly died in the 4th season finale (Psych)
'Lost' finale episode
Lucas' tim, trái tim attack and Haley's hitting bởi a car (One cây Hill)
Phoebe talks to the threesome (Friends)
Scrubs' 8th season finale
Sarah loses her kids (Brothers&Sisters)
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Jim Tells Pam He Loves Her.Season 2 Finale ( The Office)
Added by newyork621
Ellen & Joe Die (Supernatural)
Brennan turns Booth down {in 100th episode} (Bones)
Added by natulle
Sam dies in Dean's arms. (SPN - 2x21)
Added by Dean-girlx
Chris's death in season 2 (Skins) .
Added by Vishee
Derek almost die in season 6 (Grey's Anatomy)
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Mất tích 3x06 "I Do"
Blair: I tình yêu you, Chuck: Well that's too bad (Gossip Girl)
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Dexter 4x12, Rita's Death scene / end scene
Added by brittlegirl94
Rose&# 39; s death scene (The Vampire Diaries)
Rose's death scene (The Vampire Diaries)
JJ coming out to tell the team that Emily is dead...
JJ coming out to tell the team that Emily is dead and team reactions (Criminal Mi
Charlie's death (Lost)
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