ti vi /x2/ My yêu thích character / couple / cast fanvids - Which is your favorite? [21-40] |Links in comments.|

Pick one:
Jared/Jensen [J2] - You're the best thing in my life
Damon&Elena - Cause he's in tình yêu with bạn [Unable to stay, unwilling to leave]
Brooke Davis // Alone I Break
Brooke Penelope Davis-Everybody loves me
Brooke/Lucas-Fall for bạn
l O S T ; g o o d times gonna c o m e
[KATIE FITCH] i'm an effigy, a parody
Damon & Vickie - Tik Tok
Supernatural - Channel Surfing
Katie Fitch | Everybody Loves Me
katie fitch [kill the lights]
who will bring me hoa when it's over? / { chris & jal }
katie & freddie | girlfriend
Cook&Effy - U.R.A. Fever
Brooke/Lucas - Gotta Be Somebody
Grey's anatomy • She's a genius
B/B || From the beginning
*The tình yêu that bạn gave, I'll never throw it away (Jake/Peyton)
Multi-Bitches || HARD
Brooke/Lucas: Trust Me
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