ti vi My Favourite Females Who Are Also Mums (Including Mother Figures), Your Favourite?

Pick one:
amanda rollins [jesse]
wynonna earp [alice michelle]
kathryn janeway [voyager crew]
olivia benson [noah]
bernadette rostenkowski wolowitz [halley]
dana scully [william]
rebecca pearson [randall, kevin and kate]
temperance brennan [christine and hank]
angela montenegro [michael vincent]
paige matthews [tamora, kat and henry]
phoebe halliwell [prudence, peyton and parker]
piper halliwell [wyatt, chris and melinda]
olivia dunham [etta]
sharon raydor [emily, ricky, rusty]
ziva david [tali]
helen magnus [ashley]
joyce byers [will and jonathan]
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