ti vi Hottest tv male characters ever, your choice is ?

Pick one:
Stefan (TVD)
Don (Mad Men)
Mason (TVD)
Jack (Lost)
Angel (Angel & BtVS)
Peter (Heroes)
Boone (Lost)
Vincent (Entourage)
Mark (GA)
Sandy (The O.C)
Sawyer (Lost)
Dean (SPN)
Oliver (Arrow)
Neal (White Collar)
Burke (GA)
Nathan (OTH)
Patrick (Mentalist)
Peter (Fringe)
Sam (SPN)
Paul (Orphan Black)
Grey (GA)
Jesse (Breaking Bad)
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lâu đài (Castle)
Damon (TVD)
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Blaine Anderson (Glee)
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T-Bag (PB)
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Tony DiNozzo (NCIS)
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