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 -TV Collage-
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A collage using many of my yêu thích TV shows
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grey's anatomy
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desoerate housewives
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 Actor John Colley
Actor John Colley
Actor JOHN R. COLLEY helps bring big laughs to the Nick@Nite freshman comedy, “See Dad Run,” appearing in an all-new episode on March 10th.

John has been gaining momentum in Hollywood recently with appearances on the CBS mega-hit crime-drama, “Criminal Minds,” alongside Taylor nhanh, swift in the âm nhạc video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and in the comedy web series “Yogafiles.”

And, this Texarkana, Texas native isn’t just a cute face either. John graduated Valedictorian from Texas High School where he also flexed his diễn xuất muscles winning ‘Best Actor in a One Act...
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red hair
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This bài viết is like converting people to a religion, except it's slightly thêm preachy and way cooler. 24 IS a religion anyway.

I promise there are NO spoilers! I wouldn't include spoilers in an bài viết about a hiển thị that I wanted people to watch.

So bạn Want to Watch 24...
Aside from the fact that 24 is the best hiển thị any of us will watch in our time, what else do bạn need to know? There's so much, yet so little. I'm going to include the basics, and give bạn only so much detail to get bạn interested but not spoil you.

24 is a real-time hiển thị (we'll get into that thêm later) that stars Kiefer Sutherland...
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Supernatural is a TV horror series about two brothers who travel around the country, killing vampires, ghosts, demons, and every other nightmare creature that’s ever been mentioned in any myth, legend, book, hoặc movie. So far, the series has lasted five seasons and is preparing for a sixth. Throughout the first five seasons, the brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, played bởi Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, embarked on an adventure of endless surprises. At first, it seemed simple- kill the demon that killed their mother and instilled in the family an urge t hunt the evil things of the night....
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Enjoy :)
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brat camp
season three
tiếp theo sequel to Brat Camp :)
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brat camp
season two
tv shows
televisionm Thị trấn Smallville
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