I watched a ridiculous amount of TV in 2015. I started a few shows from the beginning, gained a new appreciation for some, gave up on others, claimed a few new TV wives. Below are a danh sách of my ten yêu thích characters from current shows. If you're not up to ngày and want to avoid spoilers for a particular show, just skip that paragraph. (Duh.)

Detective Amanda Rollins [Kelli Giddish, Law & Order: SVU, Season 17]

Amanda Rollins has not had an easy season. She's pregnant (because Kelli is pregnant), her fugitive sister came back into town and nearly ruined her life again, her mother had planned on helping her out once the baby came, then abandoned her. (Amanda's mother is not a good person, but oh man, what a perfect casting decision with link.) Luckily, Amanda's SVU family is much less crazy than her actual family, and their support is what's keeping her (and me) going.

Tabitha Galavan [Jessica Lucas, Gotham, Season 2]

Let me be honest here: Jessica Lucas can hiển thị up and do just about anything and still be my yêu thích character. But I actually have reasons for Tabitha! She's snarky, she's a complete bad-ass, and I was so happy for her in the midseason finale when she finally stood up to her brother and became thêm than his henchwoman. Tabitha Galavan's gotta look out for #1, and I look phía trước, chuyển tiếp to seeing how her storyline plays out now that she's free of her big dumb brother.

Tara Chambler [Alanna Masterson, The Walking Dead, Season 6]

Tara has had quite an interesting season. She got to hang off the side of a tường and shoot walkers like a bad-ass. (While Alanna was pregnant, so bạn go Alanna!) She got to be the voice of the audience bởi sassing and flipping off Rick. (#hero) She even kind of has a girlfriend now! We won't get to see how that plays out 'til February, but until then, I'm gonna pretend they reunite and live happily ever after, because this is my bài viết and I'll be delusional if I want to, dammit.

Detective Sonny Carisi [Peter Scanavino, Law & Order: SVU, Season 17]

I did not like Carisi when he first showed up. Hell, I don't think I liked him that entire season. He was one of the most awkward creatures I'd ever seen, đã đưa ý kiến all the wrong things at the wrong times, and oh god, that mustache. But since then, he's grown into a great detective and a fantastic character. He's sweet, he's hilarious, and I really appreciate how he's been taking care of Preggo!Rollins. (Not that Fin and Olivia haven't been there for her too, but he's the one that stands out to me.) Thank bạn for existing, Sonny Carisi.

Sheriff Lucas Hood [Antony Starr, Banshee, Season 3]

Season 3, like all other seasons of Banshee, was not a great season to be Lucas Hood. The Sheriff was kidnapped and tortured, his girl was murdered, he got beat up in practically every episode, and a super huge jerk took his all Những người bạn hostage. The mourning period over Hood's Mất tích girlfriend, complete with hallucinations and what-could-have-beens, caused permanent damage to what remains of my soul. It was a very intense season, as usual, but there were a few lighter moments. I especially enjoyed the Sheriff passing on some family secrets to his secret daughter, like how to be a better thief.

Mickey & Svetlana Milkovich [Noel Fisher & Isidora Goreshter, Shameless, Season 5]

Did anyone ever expect that Mickey Freakin' Milkovich would become the stable one? While the Gallaghers were deteriorating (dealing drugs, marrying strangers, getting pregnant, etc.) it seemed like the Milkovich family was improving. In the beginning of season 5, it almost looks like they've become a normal family. Well, normal for Shameless. But, of course, since no one in this hiển thị is ever allowed to be happy, that didn't last very long. Highlights? Svetlana is no longer a hooker, and is now "renting out uterus like youth hostel", also known as being a surrogate. Mickey did everyone (including the audience) a favor bởi poisoning a despicable character, dumping her body in a moving crate, and shipping her off to another city.

Chad Radwell [Glen Powell, Scream Queens, Season 1]

Chad Radwell is human garbage. But somehow, I tình yêu him anyway. He's a snobby little rich boy who cheats on his girlfriend constantly, is turned on bởi dead bodies, and once got caught trying to rub one out in a graveyard. Chad Radwell is a hilarious character, but thankfully, he is fictional. If I ever encountered a real person with this attitude, I'd have to shove him in front of a bus. các điểm thưởng to you, Glen Powell, for making this ginormous douchebag such a fantastic, likable character!

Edward Nygma [Cory Michael Smith, Gotham, Season 2]

I tình yêu a good crazy person. Nygma's transformation into The Riddler has sped up in season two, and it's so much fun to watch. Cory Michael Smith pulls off this split-personality flawlessly. Teaming up with chim cánh cụt this season showcased some of his gleeful craziness, but I feel like we've only just scratched Edward Nygma's creeptastic surface. I can't wait to see what's next!

Selina Kyle [Camren Bicondova,Gotham, Season 2]

I liked Baby Catwoman in season one, but I looove her in season 2. She snarks, she schemes, she looks out for her friends. The push toward Selina/Bruce is happening, which I don't mind, but the highlight for me was her relationship with Bridgit (aka Firefly). Selina tries to appear tough and detached, but she really does care for her friends. And Camren's really nailing that cat-like agility!

Honorable Mention: Cookie Lyon [Taraji P. Henson, Empire, Season 1]

I wouldn't feel right including Cookie in the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 because, well, I gave up on Empire. This honorable mention is based solely on Empire's first season, which was fantastic. Taraji P. Henson brings life to every one of her characters like no one else could, and Cookie Lyon is certainly no exception. Motivated bởi the tình yêu of her children and the desire to get what's hers, and the best lines of any gần đây TV character, Cookie was the tim, trái tim and soul of Empire. I've moved on, but I'm sure Cookie's still killin' it every week!