I bet about half of bạn are already planning on eating me alive hoặc feeding me to a polar chịu, gấu just for the title. bạn don't have to read this. bạn can turn back now and just pretend bạn never saw it. No one will ever know. =P

The Lost/Walking Dead thing just kind of popped up in the early hours of the morning when I was trying to get to sleep. I started nghề viết văn stuff down, wondering if it would make sense when I was fully conscious. It did. So here bạn go - a rough danh sách of similarities between characters from The Walking Dead and Lost.

Notes: Most of the Mất tích stuff applies thêm to the early seasons, before everything got so complicated. I haven't read The Walking Dead comics, so this is based on season 1 of the show. I am aware that TWD can change it up any time and a lot of this might not be relevant tiếp theo season, hoặc even tiếp theo week. This is just one fan's thoughts on the similarites between the characters of the two shows. Please don't eat me.

Rick Grimes = Jack Shephard
Main character. Hero complex. Leader. Bleeding heart. Occasional dumbass.

Lori Grimes = Kate Austen
Main female. tình yêu triangle. Tough. Gets quite a bit of người hâm mộ hate.

Shane Walsh = Sayid Jarrah
Military experience. Enforcer. Good guy gone astray. Obsessed with a woman.

Andrea = Juliet Burke
Tough. Independent. Blonde. Stubborn. Motivated bởi tình yêu for sister.

Amy = Claire Littleton
Young. Sweet. Loved bởi almost everyone. Mất tích to tragedy (death / insanity).

Daryl Dixon = Sawyer Ford
Outcast. Redneck. Fearless. Bitch. Selfish. Badass.

Dale Horvath = John Locke
Trusted. Old. Voice of reason. Wise. "Substitute Grandpa."

Glenn = Miles Straume
Funny. Sarcastic. Asian. Comic relief.

Carol Peletier = Sun Kwon
Scared wife. Eventually grows a pair. Protects bastard husband.

Dr. Edwin Jenner = Desmond Hume
Alone with a computer. Slightly crazy because of it. Killed his partner. Keeps a picture of the woman he loved & lost.

Morgan & Duane = Michael & Walt
Father & son. African-American. Mất tích mother. Kid likes comics.

The CDC = The Hatch / The Swan
Underground. Safe. Research facility. Alone. Only person left killed his partner, who was in charge. Countdown clock. Explosion.

I thought there were too many parallels to not bring it up. *shrug*