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Birth Name
Tyler Garcia Posey


5' 10" (1.78 m)

Tyler was born in Santa Monica, California in 1991 and currently lives with his family in the Los Angeles area. His heritage is Irish, Scotch, English, Mexican and Native North American. He developed an early interest in the arts and began his diễn xuất career performing on stage with his actor/writer dad, at the age of six. He has worked steadily in both TV and film since the age of eight and, as a result, has traveled all over the U.S, Canada and Mexico. He has had the opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the most talented people in the business and has learned from them all. And has as we all know played a role of Scott in the Teen wolf.
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Gage played Erica, Sinqua played Boyd, and Brian played Ennis, Sinqua and Gage played Erica and Boyd in Season 2 before their characters were loners and unpopular and then they got bitten bởi Derek Hale and then became members of his pack and then they left Derek to find a new pack and got kidnapped bởi the Alpha pack and Brian played Ennis, was the brutal and huge member of the Alpha pack and Erica got killed bởi Kali and Boyd got accidentally killed bởi pack leader, Derek and Ennis got killed bởi pack leader, Deucalion and thanks for being a part of the Teen chó sói, sói family, Gage, Sinqua, and Brian.
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