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How the heck did Vaalack's forehead go back to being somewhat human like....

Alright so when Stiles and Lydia went barging in Eichen house to find the tác giả of the dread doctors, bc Kira and Scott couldn't get past the mountain ash (yeah yeah) then Stiles and Lydia did the who interegation without the flashlight instead a instence stand down, meanwhile Kira and Scott are having "issues" with Kira setting off electricity and all, and then bạn have the part after Lydia screams as form of payment to the creep doctor... then the Doctors go back in and unscrew Vaalacks eye from his forehead... that doesn't make Vaalack super normal enough to heal himself. I say this because in Lydia's present ngày scenes Vaalack looks totally normal... Minus the part where it turns into revenge of the body snatchers where the truth is revealed through a car mirror???...
 TW_FAN21 posted hơn một năm qua
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winchestersgirl said:
As of the end of Season 5B, this has not been answered on the show.

We have NOT had an official answer yet.

I speculate that he used sorcery to implant the eye and without it, the hole magically repaired itself.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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