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Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hơn một năm qua
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“Robin? Robin?”
He junior caped crusader looked up from working on his bike. Starfire floated bởi him and she seemed on edge. They had just beaten one the newer villains, someone called Giocare. He had been hard to get to since his mastery of gameplay. Giocare had been able to take any object and create a giant game out of it. To say this villain was easy was a lie. The fifteen năm old peace disturber had challenged the Titans to a large game of life. If bạn lost...your burial would be quick. Thankfully, none of them had died. But they were still on edge.
“What is it Starfire?” Robin asked.
“When we played that 'game' earlier...I need to ask you...”
The alarm went off just then and Robin gave her an apologetic smile.
“We'll finish talking later Star, okay?”
She never got a chance to answer because a vàng light surrounded them, something all the Titans were all too familiar with.