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 Fruits of the spirit-Patience
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Gwen pov;I just got married to trent and we bought a big house near our farm.I know bạn don't expect a goth girl live in a sweet and cozy house like this but it was totatlly trents idea some way under that sweet đàn ghi ta, guitar boy is a ego maniac. I don't even think he nows that i'm saving up for colledge . no one pov.;gwen;hey trent we got invited to duncans party.trent;honey were not going he is just a stupid poor punk boy.gwen ; don't dare talk about duncan like that!!! trent;shut up i'm tired u can go but be back before midnight.gwen;*wipe tears and leaves*.Night time gwen puts on a silk black dress tiny.she gets in the car and leaves.meanwhile trent invites gwens sister summer [dumb country gal]. Later at the party gwen hugs duncan a few hours later...gwen is drunk and in duncans giường wearing his xin chào panties and black bra.she says oh crap!she run trang chủ just to see her sister making out with trent....
âm nhạc from episode "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1"
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My friend, Nathan, is obsessed with Gwen.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard he was upset about her getting voted off on episode 16. He was crying almost the whole time in gym class! He was screaming "GWEEEEEN!GWEEEEEEEEEN!"

He is also obsessed with her and Duncan as a couple, bạn can tell bởi the pictures he drew. Sometimes I tease him bởi saying " Nathan and Gwen, sitting in a tree...". Another thing I do to tease him is write "Gwen is Gone!" on a piece of paper, and he loses control of himself.

Today I made a promise to him. I told him I'd print out a bunch of pictures of her, and give it to him at school tomorrow. I didn't save the picture, so I can't hiển thị bạn guys what it looks like, so yeah. But I can tell bạn that he'll be really happy with it.
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