Taylor nhanh, swift Out of these 14 men starred in Taylor's âm nhạc videos, who is the most attractive?

Pick one:
Clayton Collins (from 'Tim McGraw')
Dominic Sherwood (from 'Style')
Guntars Asmanis (from 'Back To December')
Justin Gaston (from 'Love Story')
Justin Sandy (from 'Picture To Burn')
Lucas Till (from 'You Belong With Me')
Noah Mills (from 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together')
Reeve Carney (from 'I Knew bạn Were Trouble.')
Sean O'Pry (from 'Blank Space')
Stephen Colletti (from 'White Horse')
Toby Hemingway (from 'Mine')
Tyler Hilton (from 'Teardrops on my Guitar')
Vladimir Perrin (from 'Begin Again')
Zach Gilford (from 'Ours')
 valleyer posted cách đây 5 tháng
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