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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift
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This Taylor nhanh, swift bức ảnh contains lippizan, lipizzan, lippizaner, đường mòn ngựa, đường mòn horse, wrangler ngựa, wrangler, ngựa, and ngựa wrangler. There might also be ngựa đua, đua ngựa, bangtail, ngựa, steeplechaser, xe chở hàng, ngựa thồ, người đóng gói, and packhorse.

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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift
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We're all bored
We're oh so tired of everything
We wait for trains that just aren't coming
We hiển thị off our different scarlet letters
Trust me mine is better
We're so young that we're on the road to ruin
We play dumb
But we know exactly what we're doing
We cry tears
Of mascara in the bathroom
Honey life is just a classroom

Cause baby I could build a castle
Out of all the bricks they threw at me
And every ngày it's like battle
But every night feels just like a dream
Baby we're the new romantics
Come on, come along with me
Heart break is the national anthem
We sing it proudly
We're too busy dancing
To get knocked...
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