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 Cosmopolitan UK Photoshoot 2014
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Cosmopolitan UK Photoshoot
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Taylor Swift
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This Taylor nhanh, swift bức ảnh contains chân dung, headshot, and closeup. There might also be hấp dẫn, nóng bỏng, sức hấp dẫn, kháng cáo, and hotness.

Taylor nhanh, swift may have performed two sold-out shows in Philadelphia over the weekend. But that wouldn't stop the "Shake It Off" singer from flying back to Los Angeles to host a star-studded baby vòi hoa sen for her BFF Jaime King.
In a series of Instagram posts shared Sunday afternoon, the singer gathered thêm than a few familiar faces together to celebrate the upcoming baby. And in true nhanh, swift fashion, a bức ảnh booth was readily available to capture so many memories.

"So just took a red eye and threw Jaime a baby shower. Here's bức ảnh evidence," she wrote on social media. "Baby shower/major throwdown."...
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Taylor Swift
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