Taylor Lautner Our Infinite Playlist of Songs that Match How We Feel For Taylor =)

vanillamoon08 posted on Nov 24, 2009 at 10:05PM
So, pkrebelde and I thought it would be a good idea to post a forum topic with each of us listing songs we know that we think match how we feel about Taylor! :D

I have two so far!

1) Sweet Dreams - Beyonce
2) Paparrazi - Lady Gaga (in the not-so stalkerish way :P)

And if you like you can say why you chose that song too! :)
Have fun! :D

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hơn một năm qua Stefy said…
big smile
Good girls go bad - Cobra Starship :P

I think of Taylor every single time I hear this song :P He seriously makes good girls go bad :P Woow :P
hơn một năm qua vanillamoon08 said…
big smile
hahaha Actually I think that too Stefy!!!!! haha I'm not sure why either, but I do think of him when I hear that song too. :)

Here's one that pkrebelde thought of ;)

obsessed by Miley Cyrus
hơn một năm qua rakelley said…
body language by Jesse McCartney, I'ma Flirt by R Kelly, Boys or Radar by Britney Spears
hơn một năm qua Stefy said…
This is why I'm hot - MIMS
Sexy back - Justin Timberlake (cuz of the video when he acts gay.. LOL awsome)
I know you want me - Pitbull
hơn một năm qua vanillamoon08 said…
haha good songs rakelley and Stefy!!!! lol And, actually I have thought of that song about Taylor Lautner, rakelley! :D and LOL Stefy!!! That video was soooo funny! And those songs definitely match!

For some reason, whenever I hear a Black Eyed Peas song I think of Taylor. Especially that song, "I Gotta Feelin'" for some reason. *shrugs*

Oh! Here's a song: "Won't Stop" by One Republic. The lyrics are so pretty and they match how we might feel if/when we meet Taylor Lautner. :D Well, at least I think so! And maybe (this is thinking backwards) Taylor Lautner to us might be "I Wanna" by the All American Rejects. Or the other way around too! Especially some lyrics from the first verse:

I never thought that I was so blind
I can finally see the truth
It’s me for you

Kinda??? Kinda sorta match???? XD
hơn một năm qua Mrs_blaLautner said…
I think Bringing Sexy Back suits him!!! lol
hơn một năm qua AmyLeeFan141 said…
Halo {Beyonce}
Taking Over Me {Evanescence}
Look After You {The Fray}
Snow White Queen {Evanescence}
Are my choices because those are amazing songs!
hơn một năm qua Stefy said…
vanillamoon08, did u know that Taylor loves the Black Eyed Peas ?:P
So it's pretty cool that u think of him when u hear them :P
hơn một năm qua vanillamoon08 said…
big smile
Oh yeah, Stefy! Yeah, I knew that! The Black Eyed Peas is an amazing group. You can't really blame him! haha XD And, thanks! :)

Here's two more songs that I thought of!

1) You and Me - Life House
2) Hot - Avril Lavigne (in a way)
hơn một năm qua teamjacob5 said…
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (all of us think of him when this song comes on!)
hơn một năm qua awesomesauce1 said…
hơn một năm qua krissykaleo18 said…
Take You Down- Chris Brown (c'mon girls i know you think of him when this song plays!)

Use Somebody- Kings of Leon (? wierd. idk i guess it reminds me of him & kristen)

Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon (its hot!--like him)

So Into You- Fabolous Ft. Tamia
hơn một năm qua teamjacob5 said…
Guys, he is probaly over whelmed by all of the girls throwing their selves over him!!
hơn một năm qua vanillamoon08 said…
big smile
haha maybe sometimes, but deep down inside he probably loves it lol! XD
hơn một năm qua VDfan1994 said…
SO many songs that fit Taylor
Cowboy Casanova- Carrie Underwood; Everytime i listen 2 tht song i always think of him <3
If I Had You- Adam Lambert, perfect song <3 (listen 2 the lyrics thn u'll kno why <3)
Addicted- Saving Abel
Rihanna- Rude Boy
hơn một năm qua VDfan1994 said…
OOO and "I gotta feeling" BEP, know tht its his fave band. I always think of him <3
hơn một năm qua vanillamoon08 said…
big smile
haha yeah same here! "I Gotta Feelin'" is a BIG one for me when it comes to Taylor! :)
hơn một năm qua Aguinaga09 said…
omg Use Somebody By Kings of Leon Reminds me of Taylor Too!! LOL :] Same for Monster-Lady GaGa It fits well with the Jacob character. =P
hơn một năm qua vanillamoon08 said…
OOOHH I was thinking the same thing about "Monster" Aguinaga09!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gaga, and when I first heard "Monster" I was like NO WAY! THAT'S JACOB!!! XD But, a lot of her songs on her CD The Fame Monster reminds me of Twilight. Especially "Teeth"! The lyrics remind me of an obsessed Bella. XD
hơn một năm qua VDfan1994 said…
I agree!
hơn một năm qua Aguinaga09 said…
Yeah I LOVE gaga too =] when i heard Monster i was going crazy lmao =)
hơn một năm qua vanillamoon08 said…
big smile
haha me too!!! :D I LOVE that song. :)