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 Walt Disney - Princess Rapunzel
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 búp bê barbie as Rapunzel is kinda nice but she’s a plain jane.
Barbie as Rapunzel is kinda nice but she’s a plain jane.
As much as I tình yêu Công chúa tóc mây I have decided to compare it to the Mattel version so please enjoy and hope bạn like it.

The Charcthers

Mattel Version: Rapunzel in this version loves painting and she has beautiful long blonde hair. Her personality is nice and sweet and her style is pretty much ok I guess. She is living with Gothel and her German rat(well it looked like a con chuột to me maybe it was an otter).Her father is a king and her mother died.

Stefan: This guy looked very girly too me I dunno he didn’t have any sex appeal at all he was so wooden. He of course is a prince who has 4 small sisters and...
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