The whole ngày passed boring without seeing Rapunzeñ at least once. It was 6:45 and the whole family was there already. One of Eugene’s uncle was there too, and he liked to tease and scare him a lot. The reason why everyone gathered up was because it was his aunt’s birthday. Eugene didn’t want to tham gia but he had to.
* * * *
It was 1:32 already and Eugene đã đưa ý kiến he began to feel sleepy. They let him to go to giường and when he entered his bedroom he phoned Rapunzel.
He told Rapunzel that he’d made an excuse to go to the forest once again and Rapunzelaccepted. He went out the same way he did last time (and he was glad that there wasn’t a storm)…
"Hi, Eugene."
"How are you?"
"Fine." Eugene giggled.
"I see that bạn are one mischievious boy."
"So bạn are!”
"I meant—-that we both are.” Rapunzel grinned.
Eugene, when all the family were drinking and dancing, wrote a song for Rapunzel and it still was unfinished.
"I have a surprise for you."
"Really?" Rapunzel widened her eyes.
"Yup, but it’s still unfinished."
"Awwwzzz, but I don’t mind if bạn give it to me later."
"It’s not that much—-like the paint…"
"It doesn’t matter. I want everything bạn want to give me, as long as it is everything with love.” Rapunzel smiled, passing her thin finger on Eugene’s cheek.
"Well, it’s a—-song.” at the word “song”, Eugene lowered his voice shyly.
"It’s a what?”
"A song." Eugene smiled, "I still don’t know how to call it.".
Rapunzel hugged Eugene tight (almost took out tears out of Eugene’s eyes).
"Awz, sorry!"
"It’s all right."
* * * *
They didn’t realize they were an giờ already out there so Eugene said, “Um.. Rapunzel, I think we have to get going.”
"Oh, yes, it’s—-" Rapunzel looked down at the watch she was wearing.
"Holy ***! It’s quarter past two!"
”Quarter past two?”
"Yes!" Rapunzel shrieked.
"Oh my goodness, we have to go!"
"Yeah, so… see bạn then."
"See—you." Eugene drew himself close to Rapunzel and kissed her on her forehead.
"Goodbye.". They, again, went home. Eugene didn’t know if it was really his imagination hoặc it was real that when Rapunzel walked away she, once more, glowed under the moonlight. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and smiled. He got to his bedroom and changed. He went to bed, thinking about Rapunzel. He then turned off the light and quickly fell asleep.


To be honest the "phone" and "watch" thing doesn't make sense but... this is just a fanfic I wrote and I only changed the names so fu*k me if bạn want to.