"You're kidding are you?" "I am not!" he said,giving her a Kiss and a hug.

"Eugene," "Yes?" "Today's the day,you know that right?" "Huh??? Today's the ngày of WHAT?" "Didn't I tell bạn before?!" "Nuh ah." "Gosh. I made a dumb mistake." "Why?" "" "What,I still don't understand." "Eugene,today's the ngày of...of... TODAY'S THE ngày THE em bé WILL BE BORN." Well,the way Rapunzel spoke gave Eugene a total FREAK show. "What?? Nuuuh...that's a joke." he knew it before.but he wanted to know it AGAIN. "Eugene,I told bạn once,so I think bạn forgot it." "No,you never-..." "Oh ^!#@."'s the time bạn were waiting for. Isn't it?? well. I gotta skip it. SORRY! :[

* * * * * 4 HOURS LATER * * * * *

"Oh Eugene,it's just unbelievable." "I know." "Well,have bạn got names for these three little angels?" "I do. But I invented one of them. Hehe." "Well,I've got one,but do bạn think it will fit?" "Which one is it?" "Lantern. bạn know the floating lanterns thing,right? Well,just to make a special ngày to a little heaven be side me for years." "That's so cute. And that's a smart move." "I know. So what's your name for them?" "Well,the one I invented was Marchelious." "Aww,never heard that cute thing from YOU." "And well,for a girl.....You know I used to call bạn like this a few years back." "Adia?" "Exactly!" "I knew that bạn will name one of them like that." "And I knew bạn will find out." "Well,aren't we going back to the castle?" "We are.You stuck your promise. I cannot even rule it." "Well,we should go back right now."

* * * * * * * * *

When Rapunzel's parents saw them together with three little children,they were surprised.

Her mother when straight to her and said,"Oh my dear,where were bạn these months?" "Some hidden place." "You wanted to make a surprise for us,right?" "Yes. Oh,and these are our children mother." "Oh,what precious angels!" "Aren't they?" "What are their names?" "Their names are; Lantern,Marchelious and...mother,do bạn remember what Eugene used to call me a few years back?" "I do.It was 'Adia'." "Yep. One of them is Adia." her father was on the same thoughts,"Oh my dear,congratulations for that." "Thanks dad."

"They're such little angels,aren't they Eugene?"
But Rapunzel didn't see Eugene with Adia bởi her side. "Eugene? Where'd this guy go with Adia?" She entered the castle. She went to their room but he wasn't there. So she went down to the library,"Eugene?" "Yes?" "Oh,Eugene,you gave me the creeps!" "Haha!" "Well,I wonder how these thiên thần are going to be when they're older." "I'm wondering that too." "I think it's the most beautiful năm of our lives,Eugene,don't bạn think?" "I do. And it's very true." he đã đưa ý kiến while touching Lantern's soft golden hair. "So small but angels." "I know."