It's been 3 months after Eugene and Rapunzel had married...and they're in honeymoon (¬¬ Get it straight: I had this idea since the full movie was đã đăng on Youtube..the 1st posting! I had the idea before than no one) One Saturday afternoon,Rapunzel and Eugene were having a special ngày in the castle.
Rapunzel wanted to go into their living room with her parents and "husband" 'cause she wanted to tell them something.

"Uhmm...well,Mom,Dad,I hope bạn two don't get mad and Eugene,well,don't fade away either..."
The King and Queen were getting anxious (and so was Eugene,obvious) "Uhmm,well...I'm too excited (Heck,say it bạn girl! bạn need to tell it to your husband and parents! NOW!)...shall I say it (God say it Rapunzel!)???" her mother,"Say it,if it's important..." "It IS important mom.." "Well then say it..!" "...I'm..I-I'm..." (She was too anxious that she almost fainted..) "I-I-........I'm...pregnant."
Her parents were happy to hear this,but Eugene,he just opened his mouth of shock,then gave a little smile..he (almost) faded away..."Umm,Eugene,don't faint..." "Finee! It's just (YEAHHSSS,I'll be a fatherr!)".

It was It was time to eat though,but Rapunzel wouldn't like it right now.
The problem to Rapunzel was that she didn't want to eat right away at this hour.. So she just went upstairs to the thư viện and start đọc a book. But she didn't notice Eugene was following her all the time! When Eugene got closer to her,she started to guess who was standing bởi her side. Eugene scared her away,and he paid off for it.. 'Cause tiếp theo thing I know,Rapunzel hit him with the book she was reading. "Oooww!" Eugene đã đưa ý kiến with a giggle,but Rapunzel was a little frustrated and said, "Why didn't bạn tell me bạn were behind me?!" "SURPRISE!" Eugene đã đưa ý kiến laughing "Idiot" Rapunzel đã đưa ý kiến getting thêm frustrated than ever,'cause bạn can see,she was getting red as a tomato."Alright,alright,calm down!" "No,I won't" but bởi this time,she was joking with him. "C'mon!" "Nuh ah" "Okay,sorry" "Still" "Forgive me...pleaseee???" "Nope" then a little silence..and then she jumped out of the ghế bành and hugged Eugene and đã đưa ý kiến "Haha,gotcha,I was joking! But not when I said: Idiot" "Oh sorry,anyways" then he kissed her on her forehead and said, "I tình yêu you" with a smile,and she replied,with a smile too,"I tình yêu bạn the most"


Eugene,you'll be a father! xd (I dunno how this works)