NOTE: This will be my 1st ever fan-fiction (: I hope bạn guys enjoy the story, I tried my best on it (:
"Bring back what once was mine..." finished with the lullaby, Rapunzel set princess Rana to sleep.
SWOOSH ~~~ The windows opened suddenly. The cold wind ran down Rapunzel's spine. She felt a chill of an evil presence around her. Hearing footsteps,she turned around to see, and saw MOTHER GOTHEL !
Rapunzel gasped,surprised and shocked as ever, she screamed. But someone covered her mouth before anything came out.
She tried to scream as loud as she can, but still, nothing came out of her covered mouth. She turned to see who it was that was covering her mouth and saw a woman dressed in black, She looked a lot like mother gothel only she had a scar from the edge of her eye to the tip of her lips. Mother Gothel also had little scars all over her face.
SWOOSH ~~~ Darkness...
Gothel and the mysterious woman had captured Rapunzel and had held her captive in the sack bag. As they heard the footsteps of wondering guards nearby, Gothel and the woman made a run for it. The woman making a little too much noise awoke princess Rana and she started to cry so loud that it caught the guards' attention.
The guards know that Princess Rapunzel knows better than leaving her child crying to wake up the whole kingdom. So the guards unlocked the door and came in. They saw that Rapuzel was missing and saw mother Gothel. They also saw faint movement from a sack bag that a woman was holding.
" AFTER THEM " yelled the captain of the guards.
But it was too late, Gothel and the woman escaped.
Rapunzel gasped for air as Gothel finally opened the sack.
" You! Gothel ?! But I saw bạn fall down to your death! bạn can't be alive! " exclaimed Rapunzel.
"Ah, dear, whatever happened to MOTHER Gothel, eh? Mmm. But your still the little fool bạn used to be." đã đưa ý kiến Gothel in reply.
" But how did you-- Rapunzel got cut off.
"But how did I managed to still be alive? Is that what bạn were gonna ask?" asked Gothel
Rapunzel gave a little nod.
" Let's say I had a little help in order to recover from a little injury. Mercury here (points to the woman) helped healed my injury. Together we planed to capture you, and it went perfectly, so far." Gothel replied.
" But why capture me? I don't have the magical hair anymore! Are bạn gonna hold me for what? Ransom? Sell me? What do bạn want ? "asked Rapunzel desperetly.
Mercury laughed an evil laugh. " All those are good things, but we want something more. Something a little magical. Something like, your daughter!"
TO BE CONTINUED ! Hope bạn liked it so far (: Tried my best so hope bạn enjoyed. I'll make the tiếp theo chapter better (: Ok, thanks for reading, bình luận below and yêu thích it? :))?