Rapunzel is beautiful, Fiona is plain.
Take one brother grimm fairytale, then add a Chameleon and a swahsbuckling horse, and bạn get Tangled. Take on Ogre with an annoying accent, mix it in with lots of other Fairytales I forgot about, finally, add some sort of utopia ruled bởi a talking Frog, and bạn get the Shrek franchise.


Eugine Vs Shrek

Both outcasts, both cynical, sarcastic, and abit cocky, they are two very strong characters. Eugine is sly, quick witted, eloquent, and has a charming brogue. Being a criminal, he isn't good Những người bạn with the Kingdom, and he gets mixed in with the wrong crowd(The stabbington brothers) all too often. He's not bad with the ladies, or, so he says, and he can be abit of a hearthrob, with his little goatee, and his awesome hair. Shrek, is, hoowever, the type of person bạn would want to meet in a dark alleyway. Impatient, intimidating, and very neurotic, he is thêm animalistic-territorial'My swamp, ger' out!' etc etc. So why is he such a strong character? Well, the fact Dreamworks have ever made me feel sorry for an Ogre is quite a feat-usually, I wouldnt have much sympathy for an Ogre with an irritating voice, but, I have alot of empathy for Shrek, and I side with him In the films, even If he is a revolting swamp beast.

Looks: Eugine: 8/10 Shrek: 4/10
Bravery: Eugine: 7/10 Shrek: 8/10
Humour: Eugine: 9/10 Shrek: 8/10
Total: Eugine:24/30 Shrek:20/30

Winner: Eugine

Rapunzel vs Fiona

No contest. Rapunzel is beautiful, flaky, bubbly, and somewhat of a nervous wreck, giving her a really awkward(but cute) charm. She also ahs a great backstory, and Is incredibley talented in art, athletics, and of course, has a wonderful hát voice.Fiona however, is abit of a cliche-she isn't gulliable, like Rapunzel is at first, and shes too set in her ways. The whole 'Kung Fu fighting Heroine' is a cliche aswell, and shes abit plain compared to Rapunzel. She isn't all bad, she just doesn't even begin to measure up to Rapunzel.I also prefer Purple to Green, and I have a thing for blondes, so, Rapunzel has pretty much wiped the floor here.

Looks: Rapunzel: 9/10 Fiona: 6/10
Bravery: Rapunzel: 8/10 Fiona: 8/10
Humour: Rapunzel: 9/10 Fiona: 4/10
Total: Rapunzel:26/30 fiona:18/30

Winner: Rapunzel


Maximus Vs Donkey

A toughy, because, although they're both noble steeds, they have their own unique charm; Maximus is a natural born leader, brave, and very dependable, but Donkey is anamorphic, loveable, and played bởi a very awesome actor. Maximus is maybe abit restricted at soem points, as he lacks the ability to talk, but, this is because the only magic found in Công chúa tóc mây is Rapunzels hair, whereas, in Shrek, there is enchanting, and sometimes worrying, magic, around every corner.Donkey is funnier, as he is thêm humanoid, and Maximus can only communicate through facial expression. Donkey, however, does get on my nerves, and mute horses, don't.

Loyalty: Maximus: 6/10 Donkey: 8/10
Bravery: Maximus:10/10 Donkey: 7/10
Humour: Maximus: 7/10 Donkey: 8/10
Total: Maximus:23/30 Donkey:23/30

Winner: Tie


Mother Gothel Vs Lord Farquaad
Mother Gothel is very vain, devious, cruel, and catty towards Rapunzel, constantly teasing her and admiring herself in the mirror. Lord Farquaad is quite the same-just as vain, and thinks he's the worlds greatest ladies man.Although he is very small, he has a massive temper. However, unlike mother Gothel, his vanity gets in the way of his sucsess, he stereotypes Shrek, and doesn't see him as an actual threat to his mariage with Fiona, whereas Mother Gothel sees Eugine as a threat, and attempts to dispose of him accordingly. I think they'd make a cute couple, actually.

Immorality: Gothel: 8/10 Farquaad: 6/10
Intelligence: Gothel: 9/10 Farquaad: 5/10
Humour: Gothel: 6/10 Farquaad: 7/10
Total: Gothel:23/30 Farquaad:18/30

Winner: Gothel

Grand total: Tangled:96/120 Shrek:79/120

Winner: Công chúa tóc mây bởi 17 points.

To be honest, I expected Công chúa tóc mây to win bởi more, but, It is better then Shrek.(: