Supernatural (An inspired pick xD) Dean leaves his car keys on a bàn at Biggerson's. bạn pick them up just as he walks back in to get them. What do bạn do?

Pick one:
Trade him for his phone number. Although he's probably already asking for yours
"Here's the deal Dean. I'll trade the keys to your baby for your Pretty Angel"
"Can I have your Sammy? Please!! I'll give bạn your keys"
Sam:"Please. Dean won't trade his own br.." *sound of screeching tyres* "DEAN!!"
Dean flashes bạn his GORGEOUS smile and bạn lose all logic and hand over the keys
Grips keys tightly. "My Impala!" *runs to Metallicar and takes off*
 joose32 posted hơn một năm qua
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