Meg was sitting at the phòng bếp, nhà bếp bàn with a glass of red wine when someone rang the bell. She ignored it, but the visitor wouldn’t leave. When Meg could no longer pretend she didn’t hear the incessant knocking, she stood and staggered to the hallway. She opened the door and gazed at Jo, had a bag with her.
“Can I come in?” Jo asked and without waiting for an invitation she entered the house and walked past Meg. “I’ll take this to the spare room. Don’t worry, I’ll find it myself” She walked to the stairs and left Meg somewhat stunned.
She checked a few rooms, until she found the guest room. She put her bag on the giường and unpacked, when the door opened and Meg entered.
“What are bạn doing here?” she asked lifeless.
“Dean and Sam are gone” Jo said, while she hung her clothes in the closet. “I sent them to Texas, to my mom. She owns a café over there now”
“Cool story” Meg đã bình luận dry. “Why didn’t bạn go with them? It’s your mother”
“I thought someone had to stay here, to make sure bạn were okay” Jo explained.
“I can take care of myself” Meg replied.
“That’s what Dean said” Jo continued. “But I beg to differ. Look, Meg, bạn just Mất tích your boyfriend. bạn can’t be alright. Just let me help you”
Meg shook her head. She didn’t want anyone’s help.
“Did bạn eat anything yet?” Jo asked casual.
“I’m not hungry” Meg mumbled.
“Well, I’m starving” Jo replied. “And I hate eating alone, so I’ll just have to persuade bạn with my cooking skills”
“I đã đưa ý kiến I’m not hungry” Meg repeated fierce. “And I don’t need your help nor do I want it”
Jo cast her a smile as she walked past her on her way out.