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 Siwon’s Twitter Update ‘Beautiful Ladies’ 140815 - with Kyuhyun
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 heechul's nylon photoshoot
heechul's nylon photoshoot
On December 2nd, during her guest appearance on MBC FM 'Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young's Shim Shim Ta Pa', Ivy (real name: Park Eun Hye) addressed the supposed Scandal she had with Super Junior's Kim Heechul 2 years ago.

In 2007, back when the nation was swept with the 'Ivy Syndrome,' a Scandal between Ivy and Heechul broke out, claiming that the two had a romantic relationship. Both parties denied the dating rumors and the Scandal eventually dwindled down over time.

The sexy singer revealed on the radio show, "After that scandal, I was still able to remain good Những người bạn with Heechul. However, when...
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