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 Super Junior for VIVI Japanese Magazine
VIVI Japanese Magazine with member Super Junior = Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Siwon, & Ryeowook as model in there picture. Like all picture!!!
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Previously reported that Hankyung of Super Junior filed a lawsuit in order to void his contract with SM Entertainment. The written accusation đã đệ trình argues that his contract with SME is unfair due to 6 reasons.

First, the accusation argues that SME was the dominant party in signing of the contract and thus it was written in their favor. When the contract was first signed in January 2003, Hankyung was only 17 years old and he did not have sufficient information on the Korean entertainment industry. Two những thông tin cập nhập made to the contract in February and December of 2007 were also led bởi SME and Hankyung...
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after kyuhyun shares his feeling regardless to hankyung 's contract controversy and shut down his cywold.his hyung, donghae also has some thing to say at enhyuk's minihompy..
"i'm depressed...frustrated..i have no strenght..You?"

this may have nothing to do with Hankyung, but the coincidence of all of these questionable Cyworld messages is enough to catch many people's attention. What do bạn think?


SM Entertainment has revealed through a phone call with Newsen on the 22nd, "Donghae's nghề viết văn đã đăng on his minihompy was written before Hankyung filed in the lawsuit. The message was actually towards their own personal situations."

Looks like this post occurred before the Hankyung situation broke out to the public - do bạn think that means this message was totally unrelated, hoặc an omen to the scandal?

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