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 Ryeowook Selca with other SJ Members
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Ryeowook Selca with other SJ Members
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This Super Junior bức ảnh might contain cũng mặc quần áo người, phù hợp với, phù hợp với quần, pantsuit, người mặc quần áo, phù hợp, người cũng mặc quần áo, bàn ủi li quần, bộ đồ làm việc, phù hợp với kinh doanh, phù hợp với doanh nghiệp, chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

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SM Entertainment has been plagued with Scandal after Scandal this year.

With the gần đây báo cáo from claiming that SNSD members were a main factor for Hankyung wanting to leave Super Junior, SM Entertainment has released an official statement that the báo cáo was completely fabricated.

On the 27th, SM Entertainment stated:

"The reports regarding SNSD are completely false. It's extremely disappointing and upsetting that such a báo cáo would surface between the members of our own family."

In regards to Hankyung's absence on the December 26th năm end MBC âm nhạc Core special:

"Hankyung is currently in China, most likely it will be difficult for him to attend năm end shows."

Stay tuned for thêm developments on Hankyung vs. SM Entertainment.


Kpoptown: I have bought from this site many times and the items weren't damaged in anyway. The only complaint i have, is the long time i had to wait for it to get here, like 1-2 weeks. Other than that, i tình yêu it! The website was also very easy to understand so i didn't have any problems with it. ^^ The một giây link is their ebay, i perfer the original site though. Now to bọc things up i will tell bạn about the things i bought: Eunhyuk clear file, Donghae clear file, Eunhyuk button, Donghae button, and an Eunhyuk poster.



Kpopplus: I haven't bought from this site as much as...
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 Handwritten letter bởi Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
Handwritten letter by Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
To. My lovely Fans! My everything is in the ELF’s two eyes…

I’m Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk!! Ah… I’m the 85th recruit, Park Jung Soo right now!! How are all of you? I’ve gone past Euijungboo and I’m now at the White Horse RTC (Recruit Training center) and having a good time with fellow soldiers that are 10, 11 years younger than me!

I’ve gone from being Super Junior’s leader to now being the leader in my squadron as a recruit. Even here, I’m feeling a lot of popularity. ^^

Before I came here, I was really nervous and scared, but now that I’m actually here I’ve...
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