A Chinese media site previously reported that Hankyung had problems with SNSD, but now another Chinese media site has caught on and defamed the bài viết as the work of antis.

According to the new post, it looks like it was all a classic play of out of context quotes.

The original bài viết pointed out a lot of situations that had arisen between SNSD and Hankyung, but every one of those situations was refuted and disproved.


The trước đó bài viết was just the work of antis trying to frame SNSD. The original bài viết was đã đăng on a Chinese người hâm mộ site and a shady media nguồn published it.

Original article:

Back when Super Junior debuted, they had an interview with a Korean media source. When they were interviewed, Hankyun was asked, "Have bạn met any problems while working in Korea?"
Hankyung responded positively, but Heechul added, "There was one time when we were in the dressing room and SNSD came in and seeing Hankyung's yellow hair, Taeyeon shouted, "Oppa what did bạn do? Do bạn think that bạn look Korean with yellow hair?"

New Source:

The truth is that Hankyung had yellow hair in 2006 while SNSD debuted in 2007 (when Hankyung had white hair). Because SNSD hadn't even been active while Hankyung had yellow hair, how would they be using the same dressing room?

Original Article:

On a variety show, Hankyung was introduced as a multi-talented artist and he showcased a Chinese folk dance.

Taeyeon said, "Oh is Chinese folk dance this simple?" While Jessica added, "Even kids can do a dance like that!"

All 9 girls started laughing.

New Source:

Hankyung has only performed a Chinese folk dance 3 times in Korea, and 2 of those times were before SNSD debuted! The third time he performed, the only female âm nhạc guest was Lee Sooyoung (not SNSD's Choi Sooyoung)

Original Article:

During an SM Town interview, the interviewer asked Hankyung if he was teaching people how to speak Chinese when SNSD đã đưa ý kiến in a mocking tone, "We're teaching him Korean instead."
SNSD was rude and used a disrespectful tone throughout the interview.

New Source:

There was no SM Town interview with the two together. What the trích dẫn were taken from was a SNSD exclusive interview bởi TOM娱乐.

The interview went like this:

Interviewer: "I've heard that you've been learning Chinese from Hankyun. Has he been helping you?"

Tiffany: "We don't get to meet him very often and when we do we exchange greetings. We ask members he's close to about his gần đây activities."
Hyoyeon: "We're promoting in Korea so shouldn't we be teaching him Korean?"

All this was đã đưa ý kiến in a polite and respectful tone.

Original Article:

YoonA đã đưa ý kiến to Hankyung when they first met, "Why are bạn Chinese flocking to Korea? You're in SM because bạn have looks right? I really don't understand. I thought China had a huge market."
Heechul stated in a Japanese interview that he was dissappointed in YoonA's words.

New Source:

There has been no such incident. This is purely fiction created bởi antis.


Another rumor debunked. It's a good thing that all these false rumors were cleared up quickly and effectively.