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Moonstorm100 posted on May 25, 2010 at 12:51AM
From now on I will b postin new mentors n apprentaces here:

I stood at the heart of the camp, stairing around the clearing. My eyes calm as a puddle. Bluefire and Pinepaw stood beside me.
Then I turned and jumped onto the highrock. Bluefire sat on the left side of the highrock, while Pinepaw sat on the right. Us three high ranking cats facing the clan. then i called our clanmates together.
As soon as everyone arrived i spoke.
" clanmates, Fernkit and Falconkit have reached there 6th moon and are ready to become apprentaces! From this day forward Fernpaw will b mentored by Owlwing and Falconpaw will be mentored by Wavestorm!

Jumped on highrock and called the clan together. "Since Tanglekit & Nightkit hav been bein loyal n comminting n Talonkit had a concusion the other day im makin them apprentaces! Step up Tanglekit n Nightkit!"
Kits step forward.
"From this day until u both hav earned ur warrior name u will b called Nightpaw and Tanglepaw! First Tanglepaw, you are very agile and hav the loyalty of 1000 warriors combined, your new mentir will be Mossball! Lets hope ur mentor can catch up to ur standards! lolz! JK JK! And Nightpaw, you are very perspective & sleek, yet u hav enough loyalty to come on wen u can! So your new mentor will be Steamfur! Lets hope ur mentor can actually learn to come on once a moon! train ur new apprentaces well n the way of the warrior code!

Dreamkit and Talonkit! Your mentors will be Sparrowbeak and Oaksprout!
 From now on I will b postin new mentors n apprentaces here: I stood at the tim, trái tim of the camp, sta
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